Heavy snow for western U.S.

Here’s an updated forecast through Sunday, March 4. More than 3 ft (1 m) in places.


Thanks to Ryan for this link

“This article is reporting such extreme conditions I question whether it’s actually correct, extreme storms on each Coast, both cold, which is unusual to say the least,” says Ryan.


“If there’s 150 mph wind, that’s an equivalent to a Cat 4 hurricane.

“Winds among the skyscrapers of New York City are 80mph with snow, a blizzard, and a solid Category 1 strength. Why they don’t report it this way, I don’t know, it could certainly help people prepare and know what to expect, this is almost a stronger category than Hurricane Sandy (yet probably further offshore, which could help) Yesterday, they were hyping it as a boring storm with no snow along the coast, well, there’s snow in civilization central.”


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  1. “This article is reporting such extreme conditions I question whether it’s actually correct. Nope. I live northeastern NV in the valley. We had 12″ to 18″ depend on where you. We had winds of plus 40 mph.
    Our only highway road out was shut down for a couple of hours. Its been snowing since Thursday night and still snowing Saturday morning. We just receive another winter storm warning for another 3″-5″. Hope they get this one right.

  2. Abnormal cold weather in Europe

    An extensive anticyclone , its center was formed over the east of Greenland, continues to supply Arctic air to the countries of Western Europe. Anomalously cold weather has set in the south of the Scandinavian Peninsula and Central Europe in the current days . Over the past day, the average daily air temperature by 8-12 degrees below normal. In the morning was -20°C, frosts intensified in the north-east of Romania. In Poland, frosts reached -24°C, and in Bulgaria -26°C.

    The Arctic cold has spread to the whole territory of Ukraine, but the strongest colds are recorded in its western regions. The average daily temperature lags behind the norm by 13-17 degrees.

    March 2 in a number of cities, the temperature set new records of the daily minimum. The cities-record holders were Lviv, whit -20.9°C, leaving behind a record -16.9°C, withheld since 2011; Chernivtsi, where the new daily record is -21.7°C, and the previous one, -17.2°C, remained in 1963 and Ivano-Frankivsk, here the frosts increased to -26.1°C, the previous record -18.0°C was recorded in 2005.
    -A large area covered in snow for March.
    Is this the first time this occurs on planet Earth?
    Question: If they had not created Global Warming, would these ‘anomalies’ be really anomalies?
    Or it’s simply our weather…and the press/politicians/warmists are the anomaly?

  3. I am getting SO-O-OO tired of the absolute opposite or no reports in the propoganda mill. Fortunately the truth is still available.

  4. Ryan,
    I’ve lived in or near or had friends living in a number of those places – and it doesn’t sound extreme to me. The parts of CA on the map with snow… well, ever hear of Donner Pass? Mammoth Lakes (ski area)? Those are in the dark orange area. I had friends who planned on going to Yosemite every Christmas for the snow…

    Northern NM also has ski areas, Montana, the Mid-west. upper state NY and New England… all are famous for snow. The thing is you are looking at news out of San Diego, they don’t see snow often there…but it happens in the mountains.

    Winds where I live (southeastern VA) have been howling for days… and the other day were worse than any hurricane I’d seen in the the past 12 years here… that a bit more extreme, but probably not unheard of.

  5. In Barrie Ontario we have lost most of our snow, the roads are freeze dried. People have fantasies of an early spring but quite a few know better. Winter isn’t done with us yet.

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