Heavy snowfall – 460 miles of traffic jams around Paris

Large parts of France, including Paris, grind to a halt. Thousands stuck in their vehicles.Train service, including Eurostar, delayed, and bus services cancelled.

The seven inches of snow that fell over Paris and much of northern France overnight resulted in traffic chaos.

By Wednesday morning a record 460 miles of traffic jams were logged around Paris, with 1,500 lorries stacked up and at least 2,000 motorists stuck in their vehicles.

All bus services in Paris stopped, along with many rail and Metro services. Many roads were also shut.

Oh, the joys of global warming.

Lots of photos:

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6 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall – 460 miles of traffic jams around Paris

  1. Weather prognoses for February-March….and any other month!
    High temp’s will be greater then lower temperatures, and the low will be always lower then high temperatures. It will rain/snow or not. The sky will be clouded or not. The wind will blow from one side to the other.
    The beauty about climate change is that it is actually true. Climate IS changing one way or the other. Is it AGW or ACC? Definitely not, but humans have a hard time the accept that NOT everything is under their control. Go figure, and don’t forget the 3B:
    beans, bullets and band-aides.

  2. Incredible!
    It is in the very West of Europe! In the country expected to be totally protected by Gulf Stream!! At least one lesson should be learnt: cold is able to spread VERY QUICKLY!!!

  3. I visited Paris in 1965 (While living in Germany). …Beautiful

    I visited Paris in 1968: …Beautiful

    I visited Paris in 1971, 1973, 1975 and 1978..(During College Summer Breaks): …..Beautiful

    I visited Paris in 1981, 1983..(When I got married): ..Beautiful

    I visited Paris in 2013……………………………….(I will never go back. ONE thing has RUINED Paris and you know what it is))

  4. confused.. most of the pics showed fairly clean streets. Some park pics showed at most 6 inches, with what looks like an average of 3-4 inches. How does that little of snow shut down a MAJOR international city? How ?

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