Heavy snowfall in Altay, China

“It keeps on snowing there,” says reader Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands.

See lots of photos:

See more photos:
Snow hits Lanzhou, NW China

Yet more photos:
Snow scenery in Huma County, NE China

4 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall in Altay, China

    • No need to worry – climate “experts” tell us all that CO2 up there will be more than sufficient to extinguish any chance of further Ice Ages.

      They also tell us the Sun shines 24 hours a day at one quarter power so you just gotta trust ’em.

  1. More here!

    “Snowfall paralyzes life in China
    China has experienced the biggest snowfall in 52 years caused. Snow caused power outages in 57 villages, brought down thousands of trees and killed numerous domestic animals. Temperatures were brought down by as much as 14 degrees below zero in some areas.”

    With picture — notice people wearing plastic bags on their feet.


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