Heavy snowfall and cold in Corsica, Bosnia and Croatia

December landscapes in the middle of May. Also the coldest first half of May since records began.

“The intense snowstorm has completely surprised the inhabitants of the Croatian city of Sljeme, north of Zagreb. Very rare landscapes have even reached the French Corsica and Bosnia.

The road leading to Sljeme was closed. Drivers were completely unprepared for a sudden winter attack.

It was the coldest first half of May since the beginning of permanent meteorological measurements in the Dalmatian town of Split.

According to Dalmacija Danas, the average temperature in the first two weeks of May was 14.6 ° C, and the average perennial from 1948-2018 is 19.1 ° C. It is currently 4.5 ° C colder. 

It’s January in mid-May. The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina complained about the conditions today. The following movie shows the real winter that prevailed on Wednesday near Sanski Most, where the truck driver, clearly surprised by the prevailing conditions, is struggling with snow on the road.

In Corsica snow very rarely falls even in the winter months. However, on Wednesday the inhabitants of the French island could admire the unusual view when at night it began to snow. A particularly difficult situation prevailed in mountainous areas, where chains had to be put on trucks.

See several videos:

To już połowa maja, a krajobrazy grudniowe. W Chorwacji, Bośni i na Korsyce sypnęło śniegiem

For Corsica, the weather services announced a yellow alert on Haute-Corse for Snow.

“The rain-snow limit can be as low as 900 meters, 1 to 3 cm of snow is expected at the Vizzavona pass and up to 5 cm at the Vergio pass, with minimum temperatures well below normal values. observed, will be between 6 and 9 degrees, and 1 degree on the relief.


Thanks to Mateusz Piskorz and NOLLET Hugues for these links

“I have been reading your blog with pleasure for a few years now,” says Nollet. “Here some fresh information from Corsica. Snow at 900m (3000 feet) is really amazing at mid-may. I saw that in april 20 years ago but never in may.”

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  1. Give the AGW people a couple of months for everyone to forget, and they will be telling us that May was the hottest month in the history of the planet in Bosnia, Croatia and Corsica. They are very creative and will even come up with jimmied data to prove it.

  2. Greetings from the Bohemian Forest, in central Europe. I just wanted to say that for the last week or so we have April weather here, we have something between 0 and 5 celsius, cold, snow and rain, wind, the worst kind of weather to be outside. We are not breaking records only because our records have been set in 1814 or something. https://www.in-pocasi.cz/archiv/klementinum-rekordy.php

  3. Napoleon had all sorts of problems with the weather from the Dalton Grand Solar Minimum 1790 to 1820.
    Particularly the retreat from Moscow.
    The 1812 Overture is a celebration of the Russian (winters) victory over Imperial France.

  4. Looks like the next ice age is becoming more and more convincing. So much for snow being a thing of the past!

  5. It is a cool spring here in Virginia. First one in at least a decade. The last 12 months we’ve had a lot of rain.

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