Heavy snowfall blocks roads in Algeria

Roads blocked to many localities

12 Nov 2019 – Detachments of the National People’s Army (ANP) have opened up several localities hit by heavy snowfall in the wilaya of Sidi Bel Abbes, helping clear snow from blocked roads and tracks, reports the Department of National Defense.

The detachments intervened in the regions of Rdjem Demouch, Sidi Chouaib, Dhaya, Oued -Sbaa and Tamlaka on the national road 13 as well as at the intersection of Tamlaka and Oued Sbaa towards Titin Yaia, to open up these localities which have experienced heavy snow, “said the same source.

Several roads were blocked Monday morning following heavy snowfall affecting different terrain in the north of the country.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, heavy snowfall affected several wilayas. Thus, the national road No. 33, linking Bouira to Tizi-Ouzou was closed to traffic this morning in the town of El Asnam. Same thing for the RN30, always connecting Bouira to Tizi-Ouzou, which is blocked at Saharidj level.

The national road n ° 15 is also closed to the circulation at the commune of Iferhounene, in the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou. Same case for the RN109, linking Sidi Bel Abbès and El-Bayadh. The wilaya road n ° 172, between Djbel Chélia and Lyabous (Khenchela), is also blocked.




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  1. Probably from the N. Atlantic, which isn’t far away, or the Med, which Algeria borders, on quite a long coast. Algeria typically has wet, rainy winters, and if the recent US weather is an indicator, then Algeria may well be coming into winter already. Not to worry, though; this will be good for the African ski resorts.

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