Heavy snowfall catches Saudis by surprise and joy

Snow and Saudi Arabia are two words we rarely see together but for the past few days, an unusual

Source: Heavy snowfall catches Saudis by surprise and joy

9 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall catches Saudis by surprise and joy”

  1. Anyone who believes that God is not a practical joker has definitely not been paying attention. Snow in Saudi Arabia meanwhile here in Toronto we have virtually no snow on the ground and tomorrow Tues. Feb. 3 it is predicted to be 14deg. C


    What will it take for these global warming morons to understand that there is no global warming?

    Will it have to snow on Bora Bora? Nope, too remote, most of these morons will think it is somewhere in the Afghan mountains.

    How about Singapore? Snow in Singapore, is that what it will take?

    Unbelievable. Snow on the Desert plains and dunes of the Arabian Desert.

    What is truly deplorable, is that news like this is not heard anywhere on the Main Stream Media. One story like this, given its fair space on the news, would inflict a mortal blow to the global warming fraud, with the public.

    Very nice, Ice Age Now. Thanks for this! Good work.

  3. This is at least the second year in a row for snow in Saudi Arabia. There appears to be more of it this year.

    I’m betting that the majority of Saudis, who don’t get to drive around in expensive cars, don’t find it much joy as they shiver in their homes.

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