Heavy snowfall closes Swiss alpine passes


Up to 20 inches (50 cm) of snow fell in parts of Switzerland over the weekend, with the snow line dropping to around 1,000 m (3,280 ft) on Monday morning.

Snowfall was at its deepest in the east of the country, said MeteoNews.
The snow forced closure of many alpine passes on Monday, including the Susten, Grimsel, Fluela, Furka, St Gotthard and San Bernardino.

Alpine passes close as snow strikes Switzerland; up to 50cms (nearly 20 inches) falls

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11 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall closes Swiss alpine passes”

  1. Robert unless this kind of snowfall happens regularly it is nothing to worry about. Snow happens. If it happens daily then there might be something going on that needs to be watched closely.

    • I agree that it happens regularly. This is just a reminder to those who said that snow would be a thing of the past.

    • Given that the Altantic is in an NAO condition you might find that November is a much more snowy month in European Alpine areas than normal.

      “Cold plunge” is forcast for the next week for Western Europe with the normal North West Cold front being driven down towards French and Italian Alpine regions as from Monday.

      A “Cold air stream” is the new normal for UK met office speak, when 10 years ago they would have called it for what it is, an Arctic plunge. With it we know that Wet snow is possible at low levels in the UK, it wont last long, as the surrounding seas around the UK are too warm, but wait till january.

      Snow above 700M is possible in Alpine regions.

  2. Brazil, 25/10/2017
    A storm with hailstones hit the municipality of Franca, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, late Tuesday afternoon. Residents shared photos of streets covered in white. The rainstorm lasted a few minutes and was enough to accumulate the ice in several regions of the city and points of neighboring counties. There was no record of damages or injuries due to the fall of hail, according to the Civil Defense.

  3. This, to me, is the “sign”.

    When these passes are no longer passable, and in this state lasts for weeks at a time, then maybe the populace will look up from their cell phones.

  4. I would agree with CENTURION but I suspect we are not looking at weeks but months.
    And soon maybe years.

  5. There are 2.54 center metres to an inch so 20 inches is 50.8 centre meters.

    Its closer to 51 than 50


  6. Probably not unusual but given we are told the planet has never been so warm and snow will just be a distant memory, this is rather inconvenient.

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