Heavy snowfall forecast for Iceland

“Could pose a substantial threat to livestock.”


19 Sep 2018 – The Iceland Met Office has issued a countrywide yellow weather warning beginning Wednesday.

“Meteorologists at the Iceland Met Office likened the expected snowfall to that in 2012, when a state of emergency was declared in the north of the country.”

“All across the country, farmers have begun rounding up their sheep, gathering them in from the mountains to the north, where the most severe weather is expected during the next few days.”


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9 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall forecast for Iceland”

  1. viking here

    you did a great interview with adapt 2030 Robert, I think you should have your own podcast

    been watching a tv series called “the terror” its about those british trying to sail the northwest passage and they all end up dying, great production value you can really feel the cold. maybe thats our future in europe?

  2. Forest Mims III is an acquaintance of mine. He had a weekly newspaper column in the San Antonio Express until a couple of years ago when he revieled evidence that showed no warming in Texas over the last 50 years. No explanation was given by the editors. Discovery Magazine listed him in 2008 as one of the world’s top 50 brains.

  3. Although they keep saying it’s El Nino, still looks like at least partial La Nina cool off Peru, and what’s different is La Nina looking cool off the Sahara in the Atlantic.

  4. Ex tropical storm has now merged with the major low over iceland.

    Tw0 other Atlantic named storms are also merging with the main Atlantic low. Snow is now showning falling over the Norwiegian Glacia regions.
    A third Atlanic named storm this now tracking over the UK with heavy rain, Snow over high ground in Norway later and merging with the main Low.

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