Heavy snowfall, harsh weather kills, 70 more people in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Authorities struggle to reopen highways. State of emergency declared in affected areas.


The disputed** Himalayan region of Kashmir was hit the worst, with 55 deaths in the past 24 hours, said Waseem Uddin, a spokesman for Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority.

“Rescuers are facing difficulties in reaching the stricken villages,” said Ahmad Raza Qadri, the minister for the disaster management authority in Kashmir.

Military helicopters were being used to evacuate people as authorities struggle to reopen highways and reach people cut off by heavy snowfall in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Also badly affected by heavy snowfall is Pakistan’s southwestern Baluchistan province, where 20 people died, said Uddin. Twelve people were also killed in weather-related incidents in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province.

In Afghanistan, the State Ministry for Disaster Management confirmed at least 15 more deaths overnight, raising the death toll since Sunday to 39.

** Kashmir is divided between Pakistan and India and claimed by both in its entirety.


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3 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall, harsh weather kills, 70 more people in Pakistan, Afghanistan”

  1. poor people ,not enough warm clothing etc ,bad housing and extreme cold..not good. of course this news would delight the ex reb goons

  2. So putting it bluntly, the death toll from the cold weather has already outstripped those who have lost their lives in the bush fires. Electoverse is putting the current toll at over 200. But don’t expect the liberal left media to give this the same coverage as the fires as of course they are caused by global warming. This will be a ‘cold snap’ or just ‘weather’.

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