Heavy snowfall hits northeast China – Flights grounded, highways closed

Heilongjiang province’s meteorological center has issued a red alert for heavy snow, the highest in China’s weather warning system, and upgraded the emergency response to the second-highest level.

19 Nov 2020 – Snowstorms in China’s northernmost province have grounded more than 187 flights at Harbin Taiping International Airport and forced expressways and schools to be closed, local authorities said Thursday.

Snowfall of up to 25.8 mm was recorded in cities including Harbin and Mudanjiang, bringing a blanket of snow 17 cm deep in some places, according to the center.

Educational authorities in Harbin, Heilongjiang’s provincial capital, said primary and middle schools and kindergartens in the city were closed on Thursday due to heavy snowfall.

Traffic authorities said more than 10 expressways were closed.


Thanks to Laurel for this link

“Now lets see if covid ramps up in china for winter also,” says Laurel.

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