Heavy snowfall in Afghanistan – Videos

Premature snowfall. Ministry to close schools due to severe cold.

Video on Afghanistan View, 14 Nov 2020

Snow is falling, so much like stars …
It is snowing in Kabul. Nov 14, 2020

Video recorded n 15 Nov 2020:

Afghanistan- Ministry to close schools due to severe cold weather

KABUL: Date 11/15/2020 Ministry of Education (MoE) decided to shut primary schools in cold-climate areas next week due to severe cold and premature snow and rainfall in the country, authorities announced Sunday.

According to the authorities, the primary schools (1st-6th grade) will close on November 21st, while the secondary and high schools of the cold-climate areas will shut on 5 December due to the premature arrival of the winter season in the country.

Heavy snowfall in Afghanistan
15 Nov 2020
Kabul and a number of other provinces have witnessed heavy snowfall in the second month of the autumn season.

According to the Meteorological Department, more than 20 provinces are reporting heavy snowfall.

The department posted on Facebook Sunday that the waves of rain and snow will move completely from Nuristan, Kunar, and Badakhshan provinces this afternoon.

The Meteorological Agency warns that the coming winter will be severely cold in the country.


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