Heavy snowfall in Japan

Bullet train services suspended. Flights canceled.

29 Dec 2018 — The Japan Meteorological Agency has warned of heavy snowfalls and blizzards in Hokkaido as well as areas along the Sea of Japan coast in northeastern and central Japan among other areas.

According to Central Japan Railway Co., bullet trains were being forced to travel at reduced speeds on the Nagoya-Kyoto section of the Tokaido Shinkansen Line because of snowfall in central and western Japan.

Services were completely suspended on Dec. 29 on the JR Ou Line between Niwasaka and Yonezawa, the Kitakami Line between Kitakami and Yokote and the Hanawa Line between Koma and Odate, all in northeastern Japan due to the snow. Trains were also delayed on some lines affected by the snow.

Many flights mainly to and from the northern island of Hokkaido and the Tohoku region in northeastern Japan have been cancelled, airline companies said.

The heavy snow is expected to last until tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall in Japan”

  1. This is just the beginning.

    It is now that I am so happy I live in America.

    Even though our Norther strip of States will not be able to grow anything, we still have the Central States and the Southern States.

    The rest of the world will starve. As long as we have TRUMP for 6 more years we can feed ourselves.

    “God” help the North Koreans, the Japanese, the British…………

  2. Heavy snowfall leaves spectacular sight in China. 31 December 2018 with video
    Snow has provided a spectacular sight for many people living in parts of China.
    Rolling mountains and flowing rivers in China’s northwest Shaanxi Province could be seen blanketed with the white stuff on New Year’s Eve.
    One resident, living in Guizhou Province, said: “It is so beautiful. We have not seen such heavy snow for many years. I am very excited. We especially come here to take photos.”

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