Heavy snowfall in Jordan

19 Dec 2015 – Some Ajloun areas (in the northwest of Jordan) saw heavy snowfall this Saturday, which led Akedzaiha to become white.
Note comment (below) from Naser Haddad of ArabiaWeather in Jordan. He says this was heavy hail, not snow.






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7 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall in Jordan”

  1. Once again the middle East is getting Western Europe’s Winter. I think Global warming is only affecting Britain and most of Europe. The long range up to March is now showing it to be mild or very mild for the 5th year in a row.

    • “Paul”…

      Global Warming is a complete and total “lie” !

      A some what recent warming “cycle” occurred more than a decade ago (And finished) !!

      The “cycle” has “changed”, and pray your @ss off that this “new” cycle won’t be a “killing” cycle, as in eliminating a substantial world population, which is “exactly” what many who are destined for the “South” side are hoping for !

      Including one who now sits in the White House !!!!

      Oh, wait a minute, the “Polar” ice has melted ?

      If you’re stupid, it has !

      Think I’m joking ?

      Watch (I suppose that You do have Eyes) and listen (and Ears) …

    • The Middle East is also getting our winter here in south eastern US. It’s still unseasonably warm and I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll actually have a winter here this year.

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