Heavy Snowfall in Las Vegas – Video

The media tried to tell us it was just it a “dusting.” This video, posted on 21 Feb 2019,  shows otherwise

Thanks to Dan Hammer for this video

11 thoughts on “Heavy Snowfall in Las Vegas – Video”

  1. For the people in Los Vegas, that’s not a light dusting… To someone in NY, it would be light. Prospective. I’d love to know when it snowed there last….

  2. So, it’s snowing in Las Vegas where the average February temperature is supposed to be 17C, while here in Southern England the temperature this afternoon was 17C but the average February temperature is supposed to be 8C.

    Who’s fiddling with the weather?

      • —yup, heard that before. Well, the temperature has gone up to 20C in our garden this afternoon. Just hope it doesn’t snow in June in retaliation.

  3. A winter storm, in Las Vegas, dumped 7.4 inches of snow on the valley floor on January 31, 1979. I remember all the cars in the ditch going up Boulder Highway. Looked like Craig Road Speedway on a Friday night.

  4. one very happy chappy on that clip
    sort of like in Aus when we get rare snows in the nosnow spots;-)
    bet their deserts bloom madly in the next few weeks
    Birdsville in Aus is getting flooded as the waters travel downriver
    so our tourism for wildflowers in that area will go nuts too

  5. The story here is that I had to come to Ice Age Now to hear about this. This is a “Man bites dog” type of story that is usually leaped upon by the media. So why do coverage? I’m in LA.

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