Heavy snowfall in South-West Iceland

How people are being manipulated into believing the CAGW scam.

11 Jan 2016 – Heavy snowfall currently affecting South-West Iceland is unlikely to let up until after midnight, according to experts at the Icelandic Met Office.

Strong winds this afternoon will likely complicate matters still further with drifting snow and poor visibility.

Snow has covered most of South-West Iceland, with icy conditions on roads and localised snowstorms.

Temperatures are currently below freezing across the whole country.


Iceland: Snow causes congestion in capital. 

Most main roads in Greater Reykjavik have been cleared, but heavy snowfall from yesterday continues to cause congestion and delays.

Driving conditions are difficult in most parts of South and South-West Iceland with snow-clearing vehicles working hard to improve the situation.

Temperatures are below freezing across the entire country today.
Significant delays are currently affecting the region’s bus services, with several routes between Reykjavik and South Iceland cancelled.


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“Iceland, Finland, Turkey are part of, or very close to Europe,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “But the Dutch MSM does not report this. Instead Dutch television news had a report about wildfires in Australia. This is how people are being manipulated into believing the CAGW scam.”

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  1. What is amazing about reporting on the fires that are currently raging in parts of Australia is:-

    1. These fires are raging close to the ocean.

    2. Some of these have been threatened several times in recent history – the Great Ocean Road towns suffered in the Ash Wednesday fires.

    There is ample water less than a kilometre from where it is needed – in some cases houses were burning with only a road between them and the ocean – a network of pipes and a few large diesel pumps and there would have been no fires destroying towns.

    The bush will always burn sooner or later but they could save people’s homes.

    It has happened before and will happen again.

    Instead of wasting money on a harmless trace gas install some fire defences and prevent further tragedy – the fire helicopters wouldn’t be needed – and they don’t come cheap.

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