Heavy snowfall in Morocco – Many Videos

Heavy snowfall in Morocco – Many Videos

People trapped for two days after snow closes road between Azilal Demnate.

Morocco: Source: National News Agency
16 Dec 2016 – Drivers suffering on the road leading to the No. 8 Ifrane from Fez. This is the entrance to the city of Ifrane, and you can see the huge number of cars, trucks and buses with many problems withe the snowsfall in the region.

Bodir, Morocco, Dec 18, 2016

Syria, snow in Al Rastan, Dec 18, 2016

Morocco, Published on Dec 17, 2016 Breathtaking views between the cities of Imouzzer Ifrane and snow-covered

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these videos

“Snowfall in Morocco is not published by the Dutch MSM, also the snowfall in the USA is not on the Dutch television news,” says Argiris. “Big green doesn’t want us to know this. Every burning tree in Australia makes headline news, though.”

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  1. Russians frightened by weather forecasts: Dec. 19, 2016
    The cold and snow in the Bashkiria looming 35-degree frosts.
    Every day the weather forecast frighten us more. Yesterday promised to minus 25, and today – is all -35! So the boots now at risk of being hit of the season.
    According to weather forecasts, tomorrow, December 20, in the northern part of the republic is expected to partly cloudy. Night places will be a little snow, and the temperature outside drops to -35 degrees. During the day the truth will become warmer, but only slightly – to -26 degrees. The wind will blow from the north-east at a speed of 6-11 m / s.
    In the south of Bashkiria is forecast cloudy weather with explanations. Expected light snow, in places at night to moderate, weak storm. A thermometer will range from -17 to -22 degrees.

  2. No reports yet on total lack of snow across much of the Alps are there? Snow free mountains in Scotland??

    Swings and roundabouts??

    • True, but it’s also been very cold and snowy in parts of Morocco that don’t normally get snow. I have some friends who had planned to winter in Morocco this year in their RV, in a nice warm part of the country. They’ve been taken by surprise by the unusual cold weather, and are moving on in the hope of finding a warmer place to camp in.

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