Heavy snowfall in northern Afghanistan

6 Nov 2014 – Several photos

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

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  1. Magnitogorsk (Russia): Hospital busy with victimes of snowfall.
    Author – Lyubov Tarakanova 11.11.2014, 12:28 Home
    About 50 people a day are turning to travmopunkt Municipal Hospital №3 with various injuries, about half of them are injured, having slipped on the street.
    Still suffers ankle Magnitogorsk get head injuries, spine and other body parts. Most of the patients – the elderly.
    According to Sergey Ovsyannikov head fracture clinic, the first wave of applications came in late October, when the city passed heavy snowfall. Then, on an average day specialists have assisted about 60 patients. Now there is a slight decline.
    – I think that the increase in circulation will not, because people are ready for the vagaries of weather behave more cautiously in the ice, try to wear non-slip shoes, someone just once more not to go out, – says Sergey Ovsyannikov.

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