Heavy snowfall for parts of Michigan – All Saginaw govt offices closed

Eight to 12 inches of snow could fall on Saginaw, Midland, Bay City and parts of the Thumb, the National Weather Service warns.

The Flint area and Pontiac can expect 7-11 inches.

Saginaw School District sent a message early Tuesday evening informing students and staff that buildings will be closed on Wednesday, March 2, “due to severe inclement weather.”

The message said it is a total shut down and “no staff should report.”

All Saginaw County governmental offices will also be closed. 

“All nonessential personnel should not report to work,” a media alert said.

Police are advising motorists to stay off the roads if at all possible. 



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4 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall for parts of Michigan – All Saginaw govt offices closed”

  1. Who’s hiding Al Gore, he needs to have a talk with all those kids & dogs playing in that snow and reassure the next generation there will be no more snow by 2025.

  2. Also snowing in the UK. Schools have been closed and children are playing in the ‘white stuff’ we were told they’d never see again. 🙂

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