Heavy snowfall returns to central Turkey – 39 unreachable villages

11 Jan 2016 – Snowfall which had been interrupted for two days began to hit central province of Sivas on Monday.

Snow covered the whole city with a white blanket as of morning. Pedestrians had difficulty due to slippery road and drivers were not allowed to run vehicle without snow chain.

Municipality workers are working continuously to clear snow to open way to 39 unreachable villages.

Includes video:


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Just a few headlines regarding the real weather news,” says Argiris. “Iceland, Finland, Turkey are part of, or very close to Europe,” says Argiris. “But the Dutch MSM does not report this. Instead Dutch television news had a report about wildfires in Australia. This is how people are being manipulated into believing the CAGW scam.”