Heavy snowfall in Tunisia

Roads in Ain Draham blocked by 31 inches (80 cm) of snow – Star Wars movie towns covered in snow.
Several regions in Tunisia continue to combat the intense cold wave across the northwest of the country, where temperatures have plunged to minus five degrees Celsius.

Snowfall in Ain Draham mounted up to 31 inches (80 cm) and four people died in a local hospital that became isolated.

Hundreds of people have been cut off from more rural parts of Ain Draham as the heavy snowfall has blocked roads and prevented aid from reaching residents.

The situation in Ain Draham for those requiring medical attention continues to deteriorate, given that the main roads linking to the hospitals of Jendouba, Beja, and Seliana are still covered in snow.

Heavy snowfall – more than 12 inches (30 cm) – and low temperatures have also caused significant difficulties for the inhabitants of the governorate of Kef and Thala, a town in the governorate of Kasserine.

Meanwhile, the southern Tunisian towns of Tataouine and Matmata, small desert cities that furnished the setting for Star Wars movies, were covered in snow.

The Sahara desert, particularly the region of Remada and the neighboring area of El Borma in the governorate of Tataouine, also saw snow near the oil fields of El Borma. Oil fields workers were thrilled at the sight of snow, a rare sight for them in the region.

The town of Matmata has not witnessed snow fall since 1962, according to Radio Tataouine.

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Note: It is not unusual to see snowfall in Ain Draham. Situated almost 1,000 meters above sea level, the area is sometimes referred to as “the African Alps.” However, 31 inches at one time does appear to be out of the ordinary.

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