Hell is not hot, hell is actually freezing cold

I received this comment from a Chicago railroad worker this morning and thought you should see it. It is in response to the upcoming blizzard.

Hell is not hot, hell is actually freezing cold

Charlie C.

I am on call for this storm. I work for a railroad and we cover parts of a Chicago Metra commuter line.

We blow snow out of switches, clear platforms (for commuters) and keep the trains moving.

We go in at 2 A.M. and work till 4 P.M. which makes for 14 hour days.

When a storm like this comes, it is bittersweet for me. I like snow and wind and I prepare accordingly. Wool and a change of dry clothes do the trick. Another thing I do is I keep a large bar of dark chocolate in my backpack. The chocolate serves 2 purposes. The sugar gives a boost to the cold body and the caffeine wakes me up a bit.

Global warming is a joke being played on us. Hell is not hot, hell is actually freezing cold.

Stay safe everyone.


Interesting how everyday people can see through the global-warming hoax, while the so-called intelligentsia seem almost completely blind to what is now staring them in the face.

13 thoughts on “Hell is not hot, hell is actually freezing cold”

  1. Even railroad workers know better!
    What happened to snow being a thing of the past in mid winter?? That’s what Al Gore and Viner told us 20 years ago. All of it was the greatest fraud in human history and most of us knew it back then already.

  2. 14hr shifts???
    thats bloody outrageous and dangerous for the workers!
    miners doing 12hr shifts in aus have issues with health and they have excellent conditions awards and union support

  3. With all the global warming hype, he should have carried his flip flops and swim trunks. And a sweat rag. But common sense wishes him a great day. Be safe.

  4. intelligent people can also be a fool somehow. In the past( round about 1900) a lot of them adopted communisme as an utopia while they stopped thinking what actually happened under communisme; That was also after WOII. That climate change, whatever that means, caused by human beings was and is also attractive as one can imagine that destroying woods will change the weather pattern.

  5. Charlie, great post! Would love to hear a post-storm follow up, after you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, and a nice warm meal.

  6. Warming is cooling. Snow is proof of warming. Record cold is catastrophic man made global warming. All bad weather is due to climate change. 2+2=5. Logic is white male identity politics. Forest fires are caused by “carbon pollution.” Boys are girls. If you disagree with any of this you are a Nazi.

  7. The Christian concept of Hell was stolen from Norse mythology. In Old Norse mythology their underworld Valhalla had eternal fires. People who lived in the far north and had to survive the northern winters cutting firewood with stone axes. A place of eternal fires must have sounded like paradise. In times of ice a place of fires is welcome.

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