Hello Greta – Here’s the weather forecast for Sweden

Now comes the extreme winter: “25-30 minus,” warns the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

During both Sunday and Monday, large parts of Sweden will feel “VERY COLD” with snow in some places.

In the border area between eastern and western Svealand, down towards Bohuslän, there can be a certain amount of snow, explains Anette Levin for News24 .

And the farther north you come – the colder it gets. In Norrland temperatures can be expected up to minus 20 degrees. In Norrbotten it can even be 25-30 minus degrees.


Monday also offers a lot of winter weather – both north and in Götaland.

During Monday, the cold will have crept down to northern Göte-land, so you can expect between one and eight minus degrees, says Levin.

In Norrland the temperature is predicted to be between minus five and minus fifteen degrees.


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34 thoughts on “Hello Greta – Here’s the weather forecast for Sweden”

  1. I remember very clearly all these left wing morons and imbeciles in 1998 on TV telling us that snow was going to be a thing of the past by 2018. Laugh my ass off!
    Now we have snowfall record after snowfall record after snowfall record. Kinda what I figured would happen 20 years ago by now, along with Global Cooling!

    I was right!

    • Here (tropical winter) reaches 8 … 10 ° C indoors. In most temperate countries it has a (modern) heating system such as Sweden.
      I wonder if Greta could not spend time in winter in a place that does not have this heating system in the cold season.

  2. As an ice age survival trainee it is my opinion that winter has arrived roughly 7 weeks early in Barrie,Ontario and Greta Thunberg has nothing to complain about..

    • Yes incredible January like cold and snow for not even mid November coming to southern Ontario over the next few days. And to think we ll have at least 6 months of cold and ice and snow. God help us.

  3. Have you seen the spooky mural of Greta painted on a San Francisco building?
    Looks like the Italian Fascist headquarters during the 1930’s that had Mussolini’s scowling face plastered on it.



    I thought humanity was past this “Divine right to rule ” stuff.
    I thought we had learned our lesson about listening to angsty teenage girls (Salem witch trials ring a bell).
    I thought we had learned not to trust people like Thurnberg and her fame seeking parents.

    I was wrong.

    • First you need to look down while walking in San Fran to avoid stepping in something unpleasant. And now, there is plenty of encouragement to continue to do so.

    • saw it part done and just hope the local graffiti chaps come along n tag n add some “extras”

      and John 1, one thing Ive learnt as I age is people really DO have short memories too much self absorbtion and are as gullible as ever. lets face it if they werent we would have a lot less crap in our homes and lives..I would love to see the shpping channels and stuff vanish;-)

    • Man… was that creepy! She is ugly as sin, has an ugly attitude and the anger says it all…

      I can’t imagine wanting to visit, let alone live, in SF these days.

  4. The Icehotel in Sweden Premieres December 13th this year. That means its ice block construction is already in place. Celebrating 30 Years and counting.

    • The workmen cut the ice blocks for the Swedish Icehotel with gasoline-driven chainsaws. It’s noteworthy that the Anthropogenic Global Warming alarmists continue to perform unnecessary activities that involve burning a lot of fossil fuel — such as the Icehotel. There are many other unnecessary activities that burn large amounts of fossil fuel, which the alarmists continue to perform, apparently oblivious to the hypocrisy inherent in their performing those activities. Since the alarmists can’t discipline themselves to stop using fossil fuels for unnecessary activities, it seems unlikely that they could discipline themselves to stop using fossil fuels for necessary activities. However, the government will decide what consumers can or cannot do, and the corporations will decide what products they will use. The Global Warming Hoax is social engineering — a brainwashing tool for controlling the masses and guiding them to accept and endorse the agenda and the dominance of the wealthy ruling class.

  5. That verifies, getting social media from on the ground above the Arctic Circle and it’s frigid with wind (should that be a surprise)? Blizzards in Montana going to New York. How Greenland melts in such conditions I have no idea, though I realize it’s the other side of the Atlantic.

  6. I would love for there to be some research as to why the ocean of the northern coast of the Norway are not freezing when the air temperatures are so low. There must be something under the water preventing this but no-one seems to be interested.

  7. It could be the coldest Veterans Day on record in cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis, according to the Weather Channel.

    “The National Weather Service is forecasting 170 potential daily record cold high temperatures Monday to Wednesday,” tweeted Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman. “A little taste of January in November.”

  8. Robert, having grown up in Kansas and seeing snow nearly every winter, the first snow is nearly as exciting as waiting on Santa Claus. I find myself in that early mindset as our forecast here in Houston, well Klein exactly, is for snow starting at 3 am. The last November snow I remember here was in 1976. Take care and welcome to snow in Texas. I think it is in your forecast as well. Earl

  9. Well, if Greta and her parents/handlers go back to Sweden for Christmas, perhaps they will freeze their *sses off–I mean literally crack and fall off. Then maybe they will be too busy with surgical reattachment to undermine the rest of humanity.

    As long as you’re hoping, might as well hope big, I always say.

  10. Our record cold was set in 1911, 14 degrees. We missed it by one degree yesterday, got to 15. Our November average is nearer to 60 degrees that the teens. Not going to make the average this year, just like we finished October below average.

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