Here’s what it looked like in Durham, North Carolina – Video

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018 – Major winter storm from Texas all the way up the East Coast to Maine. 

All footage shot in/near Durham, NC during morning daylight on January 17, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this video

5 thoughts on “Here’s what it looked like in Durham, North Carolina – Video

  1. That’s not snow, It’s white rain. Just ask Al Gore, who served in Vietnam and invented the internet. “I’ve invented white rain to help increase the albedo effect”. It’s getting so hot, white rain is our last chance to save the planet from over heating.

  2. Year after year it’s been creeping southward & it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Please remember to thank Trump for not shutting off the power!

  3. Durham is hundreds of miles south of our scenic North Jersey Shore, where today’s skies are clear and rising temperatures trend comfortably above freezing.

    Not to be unduly pejorative, but anyone who hits the road in Durham conditions “rots from the head”.

  4. I’m from NC, looks like what we routinely had when I was 60 yrs younger. Since then, they’ve imported all these palm trees into NC/SC along the coast, and inland for various real estate schemes. My cousins there tell me the trees have all started dying, beginning about 2-3 years back.

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