Herman Cain – Man-Made Global Warming Is Poppycock

“They manipulated the data.” Herman Cain on the Mark Levin Show.

At the 3:50 mark:

“Man-made global warming is poppycock. I don’t believe in it. If people look at the real data, the climate has varied ever since we have known that the planet was here.”

“We know that those scientists who tried to concoct the science to say that we had a hockey stick global warning and they were busted because they manipulated the data.”

“No! Man-made global warming is not a crisis.”

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  1. Cain is impressive. And he’s never wavered on the Global Warming fraud. He’ll make Gore turn red. (small r)

  2. Cain’s popularity.. and his brilliant 9-9-9 tax plan.. are catching the public’s imagination and his popularity is growing exponentially as a result. Cain is now neck-and-neck with MittRomney as of today’s CBN poll. He pulls no punches on the climate issue..

    Dec 09 on the Global Warming scam

    “I learned early on that with any computer program the principle of “garbage in means garbage out” is always true. When you do not use all of the empirical data to develop your mathematical model it is “garbage in.

    “It is outrageous that the head of the United Nations, the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Obama Administration are all dismissing these revelations as they push onward with their political agenda in the face of scientifically manufactured results.

    This is no longer a controversy. This is conclusive. And once again, liberals choose to ignore the facts.

    It’s a scam.”


    AND from June 2011

    “I don’t believe global war– global warming is real. Do we have climate change? Yes. Is it a crisis, no. And this is why I strongly oppose the– the cap in trade, and tax and kill bill that Congress passed, even though it didn’t get through the Senate yet. And this is why I went to that rally today, about the RGGI, the you know, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. I said that it needed to be called the RGGR, Regional Greenhouse Gas Rip-off. Because that’s all it is.

    It has already imposed $777 million on to people of this region. Why? Because it provided another source of taxation for the bureaucrats to– to create another hidden tax. So absolutely I don’t believe that it’s (UNINTEL)– because the science, the real science doesn’t say that we have any major crisis or threat, when it comes to climate change.”


  3. Would you receive medical advice from Herman Cain?
    When he has a few decades of experience in climatology, his opinion about the climate may merit a response.

  4. This man is dead right on every account! including manipulation of climate data,I have seen the weather channel confirm a high temp for the day, only to turn around and bump it up 2 degrees, someboady is playing around with the records,,this is the works of crooked politics! yes I will agree the past 4 months before September were above normal,so the next 7 will be just as cold,,, cold and hot years always follow one another and sometimes for years,, this is just a prep for the worst to come and the weather will shift to a long long cold spell,,,

  5. I think he does have a real chance– people are starting to realize that he’s the only candidate who’s NOT been a lifelong politician, unlike the others– and he is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CORRECT about “manmade global warming”– it is something cooked up from data manipulation ONLY– and all for the very unscientific purpose of political gain– meaning that it is prosecutable as a FRAUD and SCAM.

  6. To Mikizo:

    You are right, we should never listen to a novice like Herman Cain. We should listen to a real expert – Al Gore.

  7. I don’t….No there are many others that make more sense than him!!
    What’s so special about what he says? We all know the truth, it’s all over the web, just look for it!!

  8. Unfortunately, all too many people think that just because a person gets a high level degree that makes that person knowledgable about the fundamentals of the various sciences.

    As a professional civil engineer, I applied those fundamentals of the sciences . . . chemistry, physics and yes, even biology with great success.

    Those who call themselves “Climate Scientists” from my observation don’t know much of any of the fundamentals of the various scientists.

    As far as global warming happening, there is every indication that we have entered another ice age.

    Moreover, there is no possible way that carbon dioxide, in the trace amounts of it, could cause warming. Carbon dioxide is the source of all of the food we eat, and of all the oxygen in the air we breathe. High school biology in my day, along about 1950.

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