High Levels Of Vit-C Reduce Heart Disease Risk

“We could reduce dramatically both Chinese Wuhan Covid deaths and cardiovascular deaths with common over the counter drugs and supplements.”
– E.M. Smith

What makes those numbers even more horrible (referring to “We’re Being Stampeded Into Unnecessary Panic”) is that recent research points to sub-clinical low Vit-C as the cause of heart disease / atherosclerosis… yet you don’t see PSAs nagging you to take your gram of Vit-C, do you?


Mice and Gorillas don’t get human like heart disease, but mice with their Vit-C creation ability knocked out do, and Gorillas with Vit-C removed from their otherwise high Vit-c leaf diet do…


High Levels Of Vit-C Reduce Heart Disease Risk

A group of researchers from the University of Ulsan in South Korea after a recent study has claimed that people who have low amount of Vitamin C in their body are 2.4 times more prone to have high levels of a protein named hsCRP. hsCRP is responsible for developing inflammation or swelling and heart diseases in people. The researcher group has mentioned that people who have low levels of Vit-C and hsCRP protein in the amount over 3 mg/liter are two times more prone to die from cardiovascular diseases than others. Researchers have claimed that the study is the first to disclose the link between Vit – C in body and heart diseases.

We could reduce dramatically both Chinese Wuhan Covid deaths and cardiovascular deaths with common over the counter drugs and supplements.

Adequate Vitamin C Linked to Lower Risk for Heart Disease

In addition to heart disease, vitamin C is considered an anti-aging vitamin and actually reversed age-related abnormalities in mice with a premature aging disorder, restoring healthy aging. 9 It has also been found to play a role in preventing the common cold, cancer, osteoarthritis, age-related macular degeneration, asthma, and more.

High vitamin C intake lowers risk of coronary heart disease …

In reality, it turns out that daily supplementation with a safe and inexpensive vitamin can help provide major protective benefits to the heart, while helping to prolong life. Extensive research has confirmed that vitamin C drastically lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease…

Take Your Vit C To Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

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  1. There is a YouTube Video of a lecture by a Dr. Levy, MD, Tulane Medical School, all about this. The title has something to do with Vitamin C being the cure for ALL known toxins. Every time I post a like, in a comment, my comment dies, so I won’t post the link. Find it yourself.

    • The late Linus C Pauling had his NIH Distinguished Investigator Award not renewed because he said Vitamin C cures cancer.

      Dr Pauling won two unshared Nobel Prizes and, according to Wikipedia, his work “inspired” the decoders of DNA.

      As of 1996 Dr Pauling was one of only two winners of the NIH award not to have it automatically renewed for a second five year term. The other is virologist Dr Peter Duesberg who says HIV does not cause AIDS.

      Read Dr Duesberg’s “Inventing the AIDS Virus” and you may see the AIDS hysteria of 1985 on as a template for covid craziness.

  2. I had high blood pressure and congestion constantly back in 2007. I started taking 1000mg vitamin c then. In 1 week all cleared up and my blood pressure started to lower. Now I still take vitamin c at 60 years old and I rarely get a cold or the FLEW. My blood pressure is at normal levels or even lower. I think some people’s body’s ARE prong to not having enough vitamin c. IT may not be a wonder drug, but I do believe it contributes to having a healthy SYSTEM.

    • I started taking Ester-C on a daily basis about 20 years ago and since then I have only had a total of 4 colds! I am 70 now and I have various environmental allergies & chronic post-nasal drip… so my nose is usually stuffed up… but I’m happy not to have colds. I used to get 4-5 bad colds a year… tho some of this might also be due to moving away from a colder climate…. with a lot less snow, ice, and freezing temps.

  3. Part of the problem with the Wuhan area of China is that it has a high level of industrial pollution.
    People in such areas, certainly if heavy metal pollution is involved, the heart will become affected.

    This paper called ‘Cardiac toxicity of heavy metals (cadmium and mercury) and pharmacological intervention by vitamin C in rabbits ‘ available at https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11356-020-09011-9 .

    Overall it is well known that high vitamin C levels greatly help the body clear out heavy metal contamination, as well as being a necessary vitamin that helps maintain good general health.

  4. My bf is a vet
    he rarely loses a snakebite client if they get in before coma stage
    were talking an areas with just about every highly venomous snake in aus somewhere around.
    he uses the same antivenine and other meds BUT he high doses vit C in the IV drip
    results in fast 12 hrs or so return home for most overnight for a few, and little to NO kidney/liver damage due to the protection Vit C gives.
    Pat Colby a famous UK/Aus animalcare advisor has used JUST Vit C to save valuable racehorses and other pets, Injectable form.
    I keep 2 bottles here at all times for that reason

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