Highly unusual snowfall in Finland

Email from reader in Finland

Hello Robert,

It’s been snowing in Finland in May and it’s been highly unusual. I couldn’t find any English news about it yet, which seems a bit fishy to me. However, I’m sure they might report about it later on the Yle News section.

I try to keep on spreading the message about the coming mini ice age, but the mainstream media is doing a good job when it comes to pushing propaganda and lies about the “global warming”. We have a spotless sun again!

Also see: “April was colder, wetter and snowier than usual”

Thanks to Riku (Richard) in Finland for this info

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  1. Hello Robert. I am writing to you
    from Norway. we are in the spring
    month of may. By this of the year it
    is usually warm and summer like

    And it has been snowing outside this

    I have a strange feeling that the
    spring may be delayed or we see the sign
    of a new ice age.

    I am also beginning to wonder about
    this so called global warming….

    Something does not feel right. At least i
    do not have to worry about the neighbors
    noisy barbeque parties.

  2. “the mainstream media is doing a good job when it comes to pushing propaganda and lies about the “global warming”.”
    But it seems now with Trump in office there is a lot less climate propaganda in the news.

  3. -In Europe there is no heat:
    May 9 – In Europe was cool, the average daily air temperature lagged behind the climatic norm by 6 degrees. The day was not higher than +8. Frosts were noted in Scandinavia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, and also in the Baltic States.
    Eastern Europe was in the rear of the North Atlantic cyclone, and the Scandinavian anticyclone cooled the air in southern Sweden and Norway. In Belarus, Poland and in Sweden, the temperature minima were interrupted. In Brest, thermometers showed a +2.1, in Warsaw + 0.9, and in Stockholm the air took a frost to -2.7ºC.
    The Scandinavian anticyclone will keep the cool weather for a few more days, and then the temperature will begin to rise – a cyclonic vortex will be sent here. The southern part of Eastern Europe will be in its warm sector. In Scandinavia and in the Baltic countries, rainy and windy weather is expected with temperatures several degrees below the climatic norm. May 11 at night the thermometers will show -3 .. + 2, in the afternoon the air will warm up to 8..13 degrees, on May 12 it will become even warmer by a couple of degrees.

    -In Moscow, no change: freezing, precipitation and cold:
    In Moscow, the weather is determined by cyclones. One whirlwind at night left the capital in its rear, again catching up with the cold arctic air. In the afternoon, a new cyclone will come to Moscow from the west, rain is expected in the afternoon. The maximum temperature is + 8..10. Wind south-west 5-10 m / s.

    The average daily air temperature is 7 degrees below normal. Atmospheric pressure will grow and in the middle of the day will be 743 mm Hg. That is even lower than normal. Relative humidity is 60%.
    Approximately the same weather and on Friday. At night, small precipitation, thermometers will show 0 .. + 2, in the area in places up to -2 degrees, the wind of the western quarter is 5-10 m / s.
    ‘Translate by google’

  4. On Tuesday mornng the 9th of May the island ( Öland) off the east coast of southern sweden, and Kalmar, 50 kilometers from where I live, woke up to a winter wonderland! In the news it was said that there has never ever been any reports of snow in May in this area before! We have had snow showers for three days this week which must be almost unheard of but not much comment about that in the news. A remarkable month so far. https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/smaland/vaknade-till-vinter-mitt-i-maj?cmpid=del%3Apd%3Any%3A20170510%3Avaknade-till-vinter-mitt-i-maj%3Anyh

  5. Thanks. A lot of people’s computers will translate what is said in news articles from what ever language to English. Mine does anyway.

  6. May 11 was the coldest in Moscow – Meteonovosti:
    The average daily air temperature in May continues to rise.
    In the current May, everything is the other way around.
    On May 1, the average temperature for the day was +19.5 degrees, after which it began to decrease and on May 11 its value became equal to +2.4 ºC.
    Over the last 80 years of meteorological observations conducted over the weather in the capital on May 11, this is the lowest average daily air temperature. The last time it was so cold on July 11 was in 1972. Then the average temperature for a day was +3.4ºC.

    To read and search:
    (for those who are curious to read / translate in Russian):

    -European territory of Russia: cold, precipitation, wind:
    -Abnormally cold weather was established on the European territory of Russia, the cold record was held the day before. Frosts penetrated far to the south:

    “It seems the Maximum temps (in general) will not rise as much as before.

  7. oh, well in the meantime the Western Highlands of Scotland were enjoying glorious sunshine and temperatures of around 20C!

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