Hilarious Video of Weatherman Dissing the Global-Warming Idiocy

Ice-Age Watch in Australia. They just suffered an all-time record cold May and endured “record-challenging” amounts of snow.

Anchor describes the early opening of several ski areas due to unusual amounts of snow an unusual cold.

Laughs that ski areas are giving out global warming ski passes.

Winter has arrived early, he says, but politicians keep yelling that global warming is “undeniable.”

So if it’s so cold and snowy in the southern hemisphere, wouldn’t you expect warming in the northern hemisphere?

Nope. On May 29, states from Arizona to New Brunswick reported temperatures an incredible 30 degrees colder than normal.

Thanks to Mickey and Stephen Bird for this video.

7 thoughts on “Hilarious Video of Weatherman Dissing the Global-Warming Idiocy”

    • If I remember correctly, this area was much rainier during the last ice age, so this doesn’t surprise me. However, the severity so soon does surprise me.

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