Hillary brags “We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”

Her words, not mine. See video

In March 2016, Clinton proudly declared, “we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

“Now, we’ve gotta move away from coal – and, all of the other fossil fuels,” she continues.

Hmmm. I wonder who you’d vote for if you were a coal miner,  

I wonder who you’d vote for if you didn’t want your energy bills to shoot through the roof.

6 thoughts on “Hillary brags “We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business””

  1. “…going to..” ??? Her and Obama already have decimated the coal mining communities, and destroyed America’s coal industry. Next week President Trump will put the coal miners back to work, and make America great again.

    Can you imagine if we have to listen to this creature for 8 more years? The thought (nightmare?) of the Crooked Clintons back in the White House again is like a horror movie scene.

  2. Morning all.
    I love a blazing log fire and many a country pub has them in UK and boasts of them in order to attract punters. I often attend and order a wee dram of Drambuie. I like to relax after the hard work of chopping wood LOL. Unfortunately I find that the wood supply goes down all too quickly and you are fighting a losing battle to keep warm.
    We find that good old ‘welsh nuts’ ie anthracite is best quality coal and the fire will glow bright red for a good 3 or 4 times as long as wood only. Both you and the cat fall asleep in front of it LOL.
    Me, the cat, the whisky, the fireplace. I sure enjoy the good life and wish you same.

    • I always thought that the Clean Air Act in the 1950 banned all coal and wood fires in the UK. Strangely, where I live, in winter coal smoke is clearly around as is wood smoke. Most odd.
      However, I note that you have another rather stupid woman that thinks carbon is a pollutant. Pity she did not pay attention to the biology lessons at the high priced school she attended.

  3. sooner the clinton cartels OUT of business the better for america.
    heres a laugh
    Vic Aus is going to shut down Hazelwood powerplant cos its old n coal
    thing is?
    SthAus power will rise yet again (theyre sucking from interstate due to shutting theirs and not having generation ability high enough)
    and so will Vics..
    we sold OFF our prior state owned energy producers stupid stupid people
    and the french owners reckon its too expensive to run
    with power prices up 300% in 10 yrs or less?
    our morons in govt reckon theyll spend 25mil to support the 1k workers and town thats going to be harmed..
    that amt would FIX the powerstation and make it cleaner n tidy FFS!
    as a friend says..if only there WAS a vaccination against STUPID!

  4. Just for the novelty of it someone should form a party in the USA that promotes sensible economic principles and avoids any form of party-bashing or morally debauched behaviour.

    • It sounds as if we could all do with a party that you suggest although in the UK we may get out of the ridiculous EU. but we still have idiots in charge of the “National” grid and a climate change department in Parliament. Both are working against the interests of both Country and People.

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