Historic avalanches in Colorado

“Colorado may be ski country,” says reader, “but still, “historic” is getting used often.”

Historic avalanches have been observed or triggered all week.

Colorado has notched 2,000 avalanches so far this season, driving storm totals for March to “historic levels.”

An avalanche on the east side of the Eisenhower Tunnel crossed all 4 lanes of I-70, leaving a trail of debris 6 to 15 feet (2 m to 4 m) deep for a 300 foot long (91 m) stretch of road, while a series of avalanches ruptured a natural gas line in Copper Mountain on Thursday.

The Disney slide path above Highway 40 hasn’t run this big since 1957.


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9 thoughts on “Historic avalanches in Colorado”

  1. CIAC has reported 232 avalanches from March 1 – 8th.
    Wish I had saved the link, but elsewhere was reading over 1,100 avalanches thus far for the entire winter in Colorado.

    • Well they will if the avalanches take the whole snowpack down – plenty of avalanches have done that in Switzerland this season….

  2. Carol
    as to avalanches..well they dont happen without lots! of nice fresh snow do they? or later when melting makes bits give way.
    I doubt anyone that earns a living farming will be complaining as the coming meltwaters will fill dams and rivers and storages.
    if tourists are miffed then too bad how sad.

  3. Amtrak seriously affected– Chicago to SFO trains delayed up to 12 hours as a result of avalanches and rock slides.

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