‘Historic’ freezes decimate French winemakers’ harvest 

French fruit growers and winemakers are warning that the majority of their harvest this year (“80 per cent to 90 per cent”) has been lost to this week’s frost.

10 Apr 2021 – “No region has been spared: beets, rape, barley, vines fruit trees,” the National Federation of Unions for Farmers (FNSEA) stressed.

All through the week, farmers across France had tried to save their harvest from the frost by lighting fires and candles.

In Drome and Ardeche, temperatures dropped to as low as -8°C during the nights this week.

Local winemakers and fruit growers reported that they had lost up about 90 per cent of their harvest.

Philippe Pellaton, President of the Inter-Rhone Association of winegrowers, estimates that about “80 per cent to 90 per cent” of the nearly 68,000 hectares making up this terroir have been lost to the frost. This year should see “the smallest harvest of the Côtes du Rhône in the last 40 years,” he warned.

“The winegrowers are devastated, downcast,” he went on.

Burgundy, which has 28,841 hectares of vines, fared no better.

“We have at least 50 per cent damage,” said Francois Labet, President of the Bureau interprofessionnel des vins de Bourgogne (BIVB).

French winemakers light candles in vineyards to try and save fruit from frost

The region’s prestigious Chablis is particularly hit with damage estimated at about “80 to 90 per cent” by Frédéric Gueguen of the office of the Federation of Defense of the Chablis appellation. “I fear that there are some farms that will not recover.”

Southern Burgundy also recorded -8°C temperatures.

“It is historic because of the intensity of the frost and the extent of the areas affected: no one was spared in Saône-et-Loire. It is exceptional,” said Thomas Canonier, wine consultant at Vinipôle Sud-Bourgogne.

Winemakers in the Bordeaux region — in the southwest — have also sounded the alarm.

According to the Bordeaux Wine Trade Council (CIVB), the frost has “hit hard” vast areas of the Bordeaux vineyards, with temperatures sometimes falling below -5°C.

In the Dordogne, “not a single farmer has been spared” in the vineyards of Bergerac and Duras (about 12,000 hectares), which includes the famous Monbazillac, Eric Chadourne, President of the Federation of local wines, emphasised. “It’s to varying degrees, it goes from 5 per cent to 100 per cent of the buds depending on the parcels,” he added.

The President of the national association of apples and pears also warned that “peaches, nectarines, apricots will be rare on the shelves this year” because of the recent cold temperatures.


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12 thoughts on “‘Historic’ freezes decimate French winemakers’ harvest ”

  1. I’ve heard this story before!
    A priest during the Little Ice Age wrote that it got so cold then later got so hot and dry that there were barely any grapes.
    They got the cold, but let’s see if they get the dry and hot too.

    How fortunate that humans can ship food around the world otherwise there would be food riots in France by summer! Let’s hope our crops stay healthy.

    BTW: Let them eat cake!

  2. The French can crank up their cars now – they’re not warming up the planet LOL

    Of course they were telling kids in the late 90’s over there that frosts and snow would be a thing of the past “long” by now.
    The kids who were in grade school in France and so terribly brainwashed by that need to find those corrupt teachers and throw them against the wall!

  3. I’m sitting here in usually balmy West Central Scotland and it’s been on and off snowing all day, in fact for the last week all over the central belt and up North as well, not uncommon further North into the Highlands (sometimes even in June and July on hills) but definitely not into the central belt lowlands in April. The small hills behind my house are starting to get a white dusting over them. It’s been bitter cold as well, current temp at Glasgow Airport near me at 8 O’Clock is 3oC yes 3oC! Last Year at this date and time of Year it was 11oC.

  4. Comments in the mainstream media : This is caused by climate-change and according to the far-left activists of Extinction Rebellion ,funded by Soros and other billionaire NGOs we cannot wait another second at installling the fascistic new green deal and to immediately abandon dirty polluting capitalism .In reality the climate always changes and our cold spring can be attributed to a slight dimming of our suns output evidenced by a lack of sunspots . I am sure that all these brainwashed activists never heard of the names of Svensmark and Landscheid , the original minds overpowering the present climatediscussions .

  5. April 12th and we have lying snow in Surrey South East England….and at around sea level….no mountains. It must be Global Warming! Oh no it’s really cold…it can’t be.

  6. At 07-30, Monday 12th April, I awakened to a winter landscape in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. About 2 inches of snow fell during the night, but it’s beginning to melt & should be gone by this afternoon. It was not forecast, AFAIK.

  7. while I feel for the people who have lost crops employment etc
    its damned FUNNY!
    because this is at least the 3rd maybe 4th now? time theyve had severe frosts in their warm areas and they were all moaning about how theyd have to move vinyards to higher altitudes etc
    same as the fools in Aus mainland moved to Tasmania where its avg temps in summer already make ripening grapes less than reliably warm..as it cools down more
    theyre going to have massive debts.
    and cool it will after events like the large numbers of volcanos like la sufriere right now
    sillybillys global dimming sure WONT be needed

  8. I suggest they IMMEDIATELY join the Paris Climate Accord so as to stop this.

    I certainly hope the Rothschild vineyards are ok.

  9. In my corner of SE England I pulled back the curtains this morning to find it was all white and was snowing quite hard. Turned out to be fairly local and had melted away by lunchtime. I did notice that some of the flowers on my magnolias are not looking too good. They have only just come out. They struggled last year too.

  10. “Decimate” means ten percent. The grape and fruit harvest destruction as reported is up to 90%, a massive calamity. It may take years for trees and vines to recover.

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