Historic snowfall in California

Thanksgiving snowstorm produces rare and significant amounts of snow in California’s high desert region.

Some 8 inches of unseasonable snow was reported in parts of the Antelope Valley on Thursday.

Over the last two days, Lancaster has received 5 inches, while Palmdale measured an historic 3+ inches, says the the National Weather Service, adding that a weather spotter also reported 7 inches in Pearblossom.

Rare November snow was also settling in some Inland Empire desert communities, such as Apple Valley and Hesperia.


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4 thoughts on “Historic snowfall in California”

  1. Here in the Inland Northwest…it is just cold. It started with a hints starting in October, and from the not so correct forecast, it looks like it is here to stay.
    I feel for those who have no shelter (by choice or otherwise) as these will be the first of the “climate warmers” victims.

  2. It’s climatological winter. Why should anyone be surprised that we’re getting snow here in the U.S. this time of year?

    I’m of an age, a child of the 1970’s, where this was the norm. My first opening day of deer hunting season in 1985 it was -20F with 15″ of snow on the ground.

    All things old are new again,

  3. I lived in Palmdale / Lancaster area for 26 years, from 76 to 02. Seen a lot more snowfall than that back in the late 70’s. I used to go around shoveling roofs for people in the mobile home park my parents lived in. Lots of snow. Too much. So not sure how much of a record five inches is. LMAO!!

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