Historic snowfall for Jackson Hole Wyoming – More than 100 inches of snow

More snow on the way.

“Resort to open Friday after historic snowfall,” reads the headline in the Jackson Hole Daily.

“Weather station data available via the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center reported 53 inches of snow in Rendezvous Bowl, 45 inches at the Raymer plot and 36 inches at midmountain. Over 100 inches (2½ meters) of snow have fallen in the upper elevations, with a storm front moving in Monday night expected to drop up to 11 inches at the higher elevations.

“Resort business development director Bill Lewkowitz said the amount of snow on the upper mountain is incredible.”


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7 thoughts on “Historic snowfall for Jackson Hole Wyoming – More than 100 inches of snow”

  1. I think we all know that “winter” is just beginning. So?

    Well, as winter continues, it gets colder, Right? It snows MORE, Right? More often?

    Then, to my simplistic logic, it will SNOW a lot MORE and then what are these areas going to do? If it is “historic” now, then what will it be like if it snows, like this, for WEEKS?

    Snow week after week after week for 3 months?

    How will they get up the mountains?
    How will they get food up the mountains?
    How will tourist get up the mountains?
    How will snow plows get up the mountains?
    How will people get DOWN the same mountains if it snows over-night?

    It will take very little to destroy these places. It has only been in the last 50 years that there has been anybody living there. Only 50 years of many trying to drive a car up there. Drink coffee up there. That is insane and will NOT last.

    So, if this Mini-Ice Age is just beginning, and there is this much more “historic” snow to come, just think what is going to happen.

    Every one of these ski resorts, etc, will be uninhabitable 6 months out of the year. Forget skiing during the winter since you won’t even be able to get there. Rather than these resorts, “opening for season”, they will be closing.

    Can you say Bancrupt?

    • No, I can’t say bankrupt. For, you see, where there is a will, there is a way. Snowblowers carve wonderful cuts through deep snow. Ski lifts can be made taller. Because you can’t see innovative plans doesn’t mean someone with their heart and soul invested in a venture can’t.

  2. my personal view on tourism be it snow or any other is the sooner it stops the better!
    disease risk resource abuse and damned annoying to the locals who cop price rises for rent/purchase of homes in “trendy” areas once some yuppie tourist promoter starts pushing wherever it is.
    people working the hardest cleaning up after the hordes get naff all pay or respect and its a waste of lives and ability better used for real purposes other than cleaning toilets making beds coffee etc
    Branson and his hypocritical green- ness while planning mega increases in planes flying..is one springs to mind.
    theres plague on Mauritius but they havent banned tourism at all
    quick airtrip away from global spread…
    aussie report today said one cities airtravel incoming will go from 20 to 60mil a year
    and our resources have to extend to this?
    bloody insanity!!!

  3. doesn’t look like the hot air coming out of Al Gore’s mouth is having much effect in Wyoming these days!
    Plus it certainly looks like kids will still know what snow is in Wyoming 75 years from now!

  4. This summer I went out west for my sons wedding. They were having it at the Grand Targhee Resort which is Just over the pass from Jackson Hole. The wedding was on July 5th. The ski mountain at Grand Targhee is about 10,000 ft. The Cornices were still there and the valley to west toward the peak of the Grand Teton which is the highest mountain in the Teton range was still full of snow.

    The resort opened it’s slopes for downhill skiing on Nov. 17th. At that time they had a 56″ base and 6″ of new powder.

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