Historic snowfall shatters old records in Minnesota

  • Snowiest month of May ever.
  • Most snow on a single day in the month of May ever.
  • Snowiest May 8 ever.

Through Thursday morning, Duluth was blanketed with 10.9 inches of snow, leading to a number of broken snowfall records, according to the National Weather Service. One spot just southwest of Duluth reported 12 inches of snow as of Thursday afternoon.

The 8.3 inches shattered the record for most snow on a single day in the month of May, breaking the old record of 5.5 inches set on May 10, 1902.

It also made it the snowiest month of May ever in Duluth, beating the old record of 8.1 total inches set in May of 1954.

And it made it the snowiest May 8 in Duluth history, far surpassing the old record for the day of 5 inches set in 1924.

Record-keeping in Duluth began in 1884.

The winter-like storm unleashed historic snow amounts along a band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Duluth, Minnesota.


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  1. “Oh look it’s really cold! That is caused by global warming.” -Chicken Little

    Nope. That doesn’t make any sense.

  2. how many records for cold snow etc and for time duration will it take you reckon?
    COLDSNAP just wont work for more than a few days max;-)
    unprecedented(lol ) Cold Snow etc doesnt seem to get attention, except for the poor buggers IN the areas/the odd tourist etc.

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