“Historical snow event” headed for Tasmania

Snow possible to sea level in some southern and western parts.

Forty cm (16 inches) of snow is forecast for Cradle Mountain and Central Lakes on Tuesday and Wednesday,  while, the Greater Hobart region is expected to be surrounded by white with snowfalls in high-level suburbs such as Mount Stuart, West Hobart and Mount Nelson.

Some snow may be possible around Brighton and New Norfolk as well.

“The state could witness a historical snow event,” says Tasmania Weather Watch.


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6 thoughts on ““Historical snow event” headed for Tasmania”

  1. At least they’ll get their electricity back with all the rain. Relying on hydro power Tasmania has a backup link to the rest of Australia via undersea cable to supply electricity as needed. When that was damaged they had to import diesel generators to fill the gap.

    I think the photo from August 2015 was already historic -http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-03/snow-in-hobart/6667044

    This is rare in any Australian city outside of the main Alps region and by world standards our mountains are mere foothills.

    • I read the snow will be at see level …. a little rare but rarer if it is maintained for too long

  2. Around Christmas 1787 when the first fleet rounded the southeast corner of Tasmania there was snow down to the waterline. You can imagine the concern of seamen, marines and convicts when they were that it was mid summer in Tasmania.
    So it is not unusual to get snow in Tasmania at any time of the year during a solar grand minimum.

  3. snows forecast for Victoria down to 300metres tomorrow also,
    with the huge winds we’ve had so far Im not sure if it will happen
    daytime temps rural around the 10/12c mark ….sure nothing like the claimed 15c in melbourne

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