Historical storm in Patagonia

Roads closed by a meter (more than 3 ft) of snow and temperatures down to -23°C (-9F).

Historical storm in Patagonia: closure of routes and temperatures of up to 20 degrees below zero,” reads the headline.

The provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut go through one of the cruellest winters of the last 20 years.

This Wednesday and until yesterday, the National Meteorological Service issued an alert for “persistent snowfall” for the cordillerana zone of the south and center of Mendoza, center and west of Neuquén and center of Río Negro .

In some sectors of the southern province of Río Negro the temperature reached 23 degrees below zero and roads were covered by 70 cm (more than 2 ft) to a meter (more than 3 ft) of snow .

More than three feet! How do you walk in waist-deep snow?

Agricultural emergency in 6 departments

The Río Negro Highway Directorate established a movement restriction for all types of vehicles on provincial and national routes in both the Southern and Andean Region, between 18 and 8 hours . In that same province, in addition, due to the rains of the last days and the low temperatures of the last two weeks, the provincial government declared a state of agricultural emergency in 6 departments in the west of the province.

Entire regions without power

In Chubut, the storm left the city of Esquel and the entire Andean region without electricity and knocked down at least 20 high-voltage towers in the El Escorial area that carry electricity to the Aluar plant , according to Civil Defense spokesmen. and from that company.

In the province of Neuquén, in addition, the snowstorm not only brought traffic problems, but caused power cuts in different areas of the city of Zapala and the town of El Cholar .

“I just think the Wind-chill reached about the -20°C, but the height of the snow is still surprising.”


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4 thoughts on “Historical storm in Patagonia”

  1. More than three feet! How do you walk in waist-deep snow?
    Asks Robert
    Well “Like a duck” is my guess and even slower.
    I keep big Muskovey ducks and they do waddle from side to side on land but paddle beautifully on water.
    Seiously folks, I’ve been suggesting to my correspondents for about a decade that they invest in a snowshoe factory as that’s the only way you can move on three feet of snow.
    You can waddle in two ft but three ft and your ducked.
    Keep a couple of pairs in your car.

  2. Partial translation:
    As the virus continues to spread and rules regarding the use of head coverings harden in many places around the world, consumers begin to demand a greater variety in masks that will protect their breath in public places in the near future. (pics)


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