Historically coldest August night on record in The Netherlands

Zero degrees C on the ground in Twente on 11 Aug.

Bijna vorst aan de grond in Twente

On Wednesday night the mercury in Twente dropped to 0 degrees. This is unique, because never anywhere in the country at this time of year has the temperature dropped to freezing.

According to Weather Online, in the period from 20 July to 21 August there has never been reported frost on the ground. Last night this record was almost broken.


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2 thoughts on “Historically coldest August night on record in The Netherlands”

  1. One positive about global warming, 2016 has seen near record-low reports of tornadoes:

    For the year-to-date, there have been 841 reports of tornadoes. The 20-year average is 1147. The assumption is because of less instability at the lowest levels of the atmosphere that are conducive to tornado formation.

    So for all the ballyhooing by CAGW alarmists regarding “record. warmest. year. evah!” there’s actually something good to come of it, and something which doesn’t fit with the presumptions about global warming causing more storms. That’s something to cheer about which will be ignored by the likes of Trenberth and Schmidt.

  2. We had a similar record cold august day here in middle of norway “trondheim”
    The highest temperature of the day in mid august, which is supposed to be hottest time of the year barely made it above 8c.. The official station that recorded this new record goes back about a century and yet the old record was broken by nearly 2c, which is extreme! And that was not just for first half of august, but for the entire august as whole, which makes this record even more extreme.

    Funny how every heatwave is reported in global news, but yet ALL TIME cold records only get a small article hidden away in some local newspaper.

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