Hitler on Global Warming Fraud – Video Parody

I don’t know who created this video, but I’d like to thank them.  (You’ll see why :>)

Thanks to Greg Pauletti for sending this.

“Just watched it,” says Greg. “Very, very funny and accurate. I assume you’ve seen it already, but if not, you will enjoy… you’re name is even mentioned… a few of the English translations are off, but it’s a small complaint.”

No, I had not seen it. Thanks Greg.

20 thoughts on “Hitler on Global Warming Fraud – Video Parody”

  1. YouTube has a few variations of this video, which throws different subtitles on the film footage, not sure what film it is, but all are funny.

    • Agreed! Downfall is a great film, even though it is in German and you have to read English subtitles. Anyone at all interested in 20th century history and WW II should see it and support the original film that has spawned all these very funny parodies. The German invasion of Russia almost makes you wonder if Hitler wasn’t listening to the warmists. The Germans should have known better than to run afoul of the weather because Napoleon had made the same mistake almost 150 years earlier.

  2. ‘a few of the English translations are off’? How about ALL of the English translations are off, but if you just read them and ignore the German, it is great–very nicely done!

    • Thank heavens! I thought my German had slipped to an all-time abysmal low.. nice to know it wasn’t all me. Funny video and thank you for posting it.

  3. This video is a fraud. Hitler was not like that. Hitler restored the German economy. Hitler did not want war. Churchill wanted war and through devious means, got him into the WWII.

      • Well I think it was true for the economy and what not… as for not wanting war, Hitler wanted to rule the world before he died. If he did not want war, why did he secretly re-arm the wehrmacht (Army) and spends vast amounts of money in weapons research?

      • My statements are not a joke. The Barnes Review Journal tells the truth about Germany and Hitler, which the powers that be don’t want known.

        • This does not concern the climate, so I will not approve any more comments along this line. (Just for the record, I think Hitler was a monster.) – Robert

    • Right and Churchil also wrote Mein Kampf and organized the Endlösung.

      Get your your mind fixed and stop spreading such nonsense.

  4. Make sure you see the whole original film “Downfall”.
    It’s Oscar worthy. Bruno Ganz who played Hitler should have won an Oscar.

    • Right! Ganz is a substantial and forceful actor who portrays Hitler to a fare-the-well. An excellent performance that transcends the language barrier and the subtitles and conveys the essence of Hitler’s final madness.

  5. The bad news is too much money was spent for nothing and the AGW related legislation was a total waste of time and was all for nothing. People came to believe a lie.
    On the other hand the official lies and fairy tales are being challenged and exposed for the lies they are thanks to the internet and those that dare to tell the truth. FWIW there is no credible evidence for Hitlers death in Berlin in 1945. That was just a cover story to help bring closure to the european part of WW2. To learn more go to Rense.com

  6. What ever the truth is about WW2 most people are unwilling to understand those truths let alone listen to them. That is one of the reasons why the AGW theories were so popular with the masses and with their political and cultural leadership. Lies sell and truth repells.
    This site is about climate as in the weather and related topics.

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