Hmmm – Who do I want to vote for?

A spectacularly successful businessman who thinks man-made global warming is a hoax?* Or…

Or a corrupt, influence-peddling politician who wants to prosecute me for saying man-made global warming is a hoax?

“The Donald” is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but given those two opposing stances, it’s a no-brainer for me.

* Actually, Trumps exact words were more colorful:

“This very expensive global warming bullshit has got to stop,”
said Trump. 

28 thoughts on “Hmmm – Who do I want to vote for?”

  1. Viewed from across a large expanse of quite cool water it would seem that the US has the same ‘least worst’ choice that was evolving here for our Prime Minister. Nobody was the one you wanted so that left the least worst. Disappointing that voting can become so negative.

  2. Agreed, the problem is that American politics has already gone over to the dark side having journeyed though 16 years of Democrat Gullible economics and 8 years of Christian fundamentalism, both sides forgetting to fix the economic roof before it caved in.
    In the last 8 years the democrats have adopted the media’s, left leaning press view that they have the right to save the world in their rose tinted view, of a socialist world government lead by the nose by America. I think not.
    America no longer leads the world except in the size of its debt mountain. It used to be said that if America sneezed, the world caught a cold, no longer. China sneezed economically last year and the world, including America caught a collective dose of flue.
    HC will probably win, depending on African Americans and the Hispanic vote. However, I don’t think her health is up to the challenge of four years. It will depend on who the Democrat VP is to be.
    With any luck, the next four years starting in November this year will freeze her ass off.

    • If you are calling the “Bush” regime fundamentalist Christians JimBob perhaps thou should examine the word fundamentalist a lot more closely and put the term into a better perspective and not align the very few fundamentalist Christians that are left with a pack of wolves.
      I cried the day Mr. Bush started his Holy War against Christians and start the creation of a world wide reign of terror against those who will not bow down to Mr. Bush’s idea of the New World Order.

      With world wide deception in full bloom who is to say that Mr. Trump is not a Trojan horse? A wolf in sheep clothing?
      This really does not matter! Whether he is or no, Mr. Trump is the last chance for rebuilding the Republic and putting accountability of the 3 government bodies back into proper perspective.

      Unless one is a fascist-communist one should clearly see the only hope we have as a once great nation in perspective of the government being for the people, not against the people lies with only one candidate. And if for any reason the hope fades we the people will be in for very dark days ahead indeed.


  3. The bottom line should have read, expensive and totally destructive. Hitlery C. just went down again, Agent eppi-pen must not be working anymore. Their going to pull some BS now, they will stop at nothing to retain AGW liars and depopulation agendas.

  4. It is nice to see someone say what they think, and not couch it in the finest “PC” available. I really am tired of “walking on eggs” because someone might be offended by what I say. My doing so is offensive to my blood pressure.

  5. Bill Nye the science guy better yet the know nothing science guy! I thought you were bill Nye the science guy! Hmmmmm… Well considering you don’t know that blood circulates throughout your entire body and that there’s something called tying your tie too tight that it cuts the circulation from your brain this makes you a total clueless dumbass! Bill Nye ain’t no science guy! He’s a clueless selfish dib shit shill who cares about his money and no one else! Guy doesn’t even realize that he’s a “science guy” he’s not a “scientist” yet he thinks he is the king of the climate change harrraaa! Guy needs to take a hike and loosen up his bow tie a little bit so he can develop some common sense!

  6. My gut tells me that Trump is a step in the right direction. Not a perfect choice but America could do far worse. He will need the very best non NWO advisors and body guards and plenty of the later.

  7. I look forward to voting for Libertarian Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld for President and Vice-president.

  8. If she gets in the people of the United states must be stupid or your political system is the worlds most corrupt…………i suspect the later

  9. Who is perfect in this world of ours – the Clintons? The Bush mob?? For sure man-made climate change is a hoax. From the very top of the tree: “Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, who aspires to be U.N. secretary general, has admitted that the goal of environmental activists is to destroy capitalism.” “The entire trillion dollar climate change industry rests on a single hypothetical assumption. The assumption is that emissions of CO2 by humans drive global warming. To this day there is no scientific evidence to support this assumption.” True as time if printing – September 2016″
    For a full list:
    Whatever you do, ignore Clinton, vote for Trump.

  10. Trump is now running unopposed, Hillary’s campaign will now be for amnesty from prosecution because of serious a illness, that she also denies having. Thereby confirming the diagnosis.

  11. Right on!
    I am proud to be one of the irredeemable, deplorable. ignorant louts who wouldn’t vote for Ms. “Illary” if she were the only one running and I was required by law to vote. Besides, according to Madame Albright I don’t have the requisite body parts. Hold advanced degrees, speak several languages and even do a good 30 wpm in Morse code. Believe in the US Constitution including 2A, and have no problem with religion, any religion, as long as it is practiced peacefully.
    Guess I just don’t fit the mold.
    PS, my wife, who also is well educated, won’t vote for her either.
    And we grew up as Democrats in NYC; fortunately we got out and saw the real world, and we were changed politically, forever.

  12. From here the US election looks like a facade or play behind which the real government of America takes place. It matters not whether the plebs vote for Punch or Judy because the path is already plotted out by those who are actually running the show.

  13. We had best vote for Trump. Not voting, or voting for a third party as a protest, actually is the same as giving Killary a half vote. Make your vote count! Vote Trump!

  14. Well, it’s interesting to hear all the politics, but really, this is a science blog, let’s get back on subject? I will vote for anyone who will put a stop to the anthropogenic global warming crap that is being forced on us by the US Government, UN, etc. First thing the new president should do is shut down the EPA, trash all there stupid AGW rules. Then clean all the global warming fearmongers at NASA /GISS and elsewhere. Get us back on track with more oil, gas, coal, and nuclear. Sounds like I’m voting Trump? Yes.

  15. Quote:
    Mr. Trump is the last chance for rebuilding the Republic and putting accountability of the 3 government bodies back into proper perspective.
    I agree with you on this point.
    However, I still think the Bush erra would be termed as I have described, Republican yes, but more so Fundamentalist Christian.
    But until the American electorate accepts that it has to fix its ecconomy, which it has not done so for 24 years, and live within its means it will decline further.

    • That puts Mr. Bush as the first fundamentalist Christian in history to be a known member of the Skull and Bone society!!

      I digress and still disagree!

      Be good

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