Holuhraun lava field now covers 20 sq miles (52 sq km)

Although no major changes have been reported in the eruption in Iceland’s Holuhraun volcano, the lava field has grown to more than 52 square kilometres (20 sq miles).

Bad weather is preventing proper observation of the eruption at times, but the eruption remains about the same size as it was when it started five weeks ago.

The highest crater, called Baugur, is now some 100 meters tall. The crater called Suðri is around 40 to 50 meters tall. Other craters in the eruption are smaller.

See photo of craters, including their names:

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6 thoughts on “Holuhraun lava field now covers 20 sq miles (52 sq km)

  1. And still no real coverage in the MSM!
    About ten days ago in London there were a lot or people saying that they felt ‘chesty’ or they were wheezing when breathing. I did suggest at the time to several people that it could be the SO2 in the atmosphere from the eruption as it had already been detected in northern France?
    Since this weeks heavy rain and winds across Britain, the chestiness has stopped!

  2. For us poor shlubs who don’t have a PhD in geography, it would be helpful to be given the country in which Holuhruan is located. Some of the postings seem to imply that we know the location of every volcano on the planet. Just a suggestion from a fan of the website.

  3. It’s in Iceland bardarbardarbunga volcano is in it’s funny how no one mentioned a near by volcano called tungnafellsjokull is growing very restless over bardarbunga it’s being reported by experts in IcIceland

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