Homes encased in ice in New York- Video

Ice one to three feet thick on the walls!

29 Feb 2020 – “Ed Mis, resident and homeowner in Hoover Beach, says he’s never seen conditions this bad before. The front of his home is completely covered in ice that is likely one to three feet thick.”

Apparently there is very little global warming in New York at this time.

Readers have said that one of these videos doesn’t work for them, so here’s another:

See entire article:
Thanks to Bill Sellers for this link

“Imagine this happening everywhere near water & wind,” says Bill.

8 thoughts on “Homes encased in ice in New York- Video”

  1. Better get out the hair dryer.

    That’s how I used to defrost my “frost free” refrigerator.

  2. Lake effect weather in upper state NY, not all that unusual this time of year.

    My father, who grew up in MA near the RI border told me that when he was a kid (in the 20s and 30s) most of the winter they’d have up to a 6 inch layer of ice on the walls INSIDE the house. I don’t know what type of heating they used then, but maybe coal.

    The pictures are fun to show to “global warning” advocates.

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