Hot zone ‘like a blowtorch’ detected under Antarctica

Scientists discover a giant blob of superheated rock beneath the highest volcano in Antarctica along with evidence of recent volcanic activity.

Andrew Lloyd, a graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis, helped deploy research seismometers across the West Antarctic Rift System and Marie Byrd Land in 2009-10, says an article on

Lloyd returned to Antarctica in late 2011 and snowmobiled more than 1,000 miles, living in a Scott tent, to recover the precious data.

Maps compiled from that data show a giant blob of superheated rock about 60 miles beneath Mount Sidley, the highest volcano in Antarctica and the southernmost mountain in a volcanic mountain range near the coast of West Antarctica.

More surprisingly, they reveal hot rock beneath the Bentley Subglacial Trench, which is part of the West Antarctic Rift System. Hot rock beneath the region indicates that this part of the rift system has been active quite recently.

‘Like a Blowtorch’

Mount Sidley sits directly above a hot region in the mantle, Lloyd says.

“A line of volcanoes hints there might be a hidden mantle plume, like a blowtorch, beneath the plate,” says Doug Wiens, professor of earth and planetary sciences and a coauthor of the paper. “The volcanoes would pop up in a row as the plate moved over it.”

“Like a blowtorch!”

And we want to blame humans for the fact that ice in small portions of the West Antarctic Peninsula is melting?

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  1. Don’t confuse the alarmists with facts. It has been 26 years since James Hansen first began scare mongering with his predictions about future warming trends. Since then the mantra of dire predictions from the alarmists has been loud and unrelenting. I’m not sure how many “tipping points” we have passed without incident, but there has been no REAL global temperature change. In recent weeks, it has been as cold as it has ever been in early December at my house in my own living memory of 68 years.

    The facts and the science do not matter. Obama and his climate cronies will transfer billions (trillions if allowed to continue after he leaves office) from the US middle class to the thugs and thieves who run the globe’s third-world cesspools. It will be done through the United Nations – a totally corrupt organization. Very little to none of the money will find its way to help the world’s poor. Our own Senate and House of Representatives will not act to stop this puppet of the global elite from stealing money from our citizens, and apparently the electorate itself cares not one wit. We are a nation of sheep.

  2. This is hard science research to be welcomed and lauded, unlike hockey stick slides designed to misslead and defraud.
    Over 1 Billion dollars, world wide has been missued to justify this AGW fraud, to enable the transfer of powers to a corrupt UN, and remove the ecconomic power of the west and return us to the horse and cart age.

  3. Well, lets see. We all know that carbon dioxide traps heat. And that the Earth is hot inside. So if the heat can’t escape, the rocks are going to heat up. That must be what causes volcanoes. And the volcanoes release more carbon dioxide so you could get a runaway feedback with more carbon dioxide causing more volcanoes, etc., which must be what caused things like the Deccan Traps. So if we don’t want to end up buried in lava, we’d better stop pumping all that carbon into the atmosphere RIGHT NOW.
    Well, it’s not much sillier than Hansen’s boiling oceans.

  4. Exactly. We have huge amounts of underwater volcanoes going on in many parts of the world – and we are STUPID enough to think that humans are heating the oceans?? Excuse me??
    They can’t be more retarded or stupid than that……..and we know who these idiots are. They can pack up right now and move to North Korea!

  5. It’s always Human activity never natural Earth processes that are more an obvious answer to an inquisitive mind and its relationship to the evolutionary ebb and flow of Earths temperature.

  6. Global warming fans will have a hard time explaining how ice is melting from the bottom up due to global warming but I’m sure they will try .

    • Yea, sshhh, oh those volcanos been around for evah,don’t confuse me with facts,my keys are shakin so I gotta run. Makes me wonder, if a big one goes off and the people are starving within months how fast the agw bs would come to an end?

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  8. Did anyone notice how deep they had to dig in the snow to get to the instruments? I am certain they didn’t place them under the frozen stuff but on the surface. Then it got covered in a years time.

  9. OK … so warming from the inside out it seems … blowtorches and volcanoes and the like indicative of such …

    Are there any models that suggest Global Warming would be a good thing … hmm … and that it might be happening, from the inside out?

    Mass extinctions … trapped embodied consciousness … leaving the scene? Heading back to sunnier climates. 😉

    Lots of warming underneath the surface of the planet, in any case …

  10. CO2 causes volcanic activity???!!! I learn something new every day. – //sarc//

    ASIDE – Speaking of learning something new every day. I didn’t know there were Carolina Bays in Barrow Alaska (see Fig.2 on p.7 of link below)
    Also, note how even Barrow has a measurable Urban Heat Island Effect, which is the subject of that PDF, btw.

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