House buried in snow – Owners worry about collapse

“The snow is currently about 2½ meters (8 ft) over the roof,” reports CBC News.

House buried in snow - Photo by homeowner Janice Gould
House buried in snow – Photo by homeowner Janice Gould

“A Port au Choix, Newfoundland, couple whose house is buried by a massive mound of snow is worried that it will collapse at any minute.”

“The home of Janice Gould and Rick Cooper is buried to the roof in snow that’s packed in like concrete.

“Gould said she’s never seen this much snow.”

Porch already collapsed

“The roof of our porch has collapsed … it’s only a matter of time when it [all] closes in now, and we’re worried that it’s going to happen any second.”

“Gould and Cooper have been staying with a relative until the house is deemed safe to enter.”

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11 thoughts on “House buried in snow – Owners worry about collapse”

  1. I looked at the other photos. I didn’t see a porch in the summer photo. I also don’t see snow on the roof. Wind must have caused drifting snow beside the house. It should also be noted that if you heat your house it melts a thin layer of snow that is touching the house. That removes the crush pressure. If it hasn’t crushed already the pressure is probably decreasing rapidly.

  2. They are standing their with shovels on the roof.

    It is not uncommon for those in snow country to shovel the snow off the roof. I have done it.

    The problem is where do you put the snow once it is ABOVE the roof line?

  3. An incredible photo. Here in my part of Ireland we are further north than Newfoundland but have had no snow at all this winter.

  4. We had snow 2 metres high sitting on our house roof this winter and snow half way up our house and it is two stories. No problem at all.
    Usually houses in snow country are built to withstand heavy snow.
    If you just dig a small channel all around the outside of the house or use a snow blower the house will be fine. More than the house collapsing the windows are more likely to break if you dont move the snow from around the edge of the house.

  5. Get creative and melt it….use ingenuity when conventional means fail…I’d be looking to heat the snow near the house anyway to relieve pressure…I’d try all kinds of crap to see if it would work from buying a torch and slowly melting the snow at least from my windows….this is a word of caution to everyone north of the 40N line…I’m currently looking to install heating coils under my driveway that I just flip on when it snows and my driveway is done….I got roof rakes and snow blowers as well….and don’t leave for the whole winter Lol

    • Every year you hear about folks burning down the house trying to melt snow with a blow torch. Not much they can do now since they don’t have access to the home. Might try lots and lots of calcium chloride.

      Teach them not to shovel the walk within 12 hours of a storm 😛

  6. I understand some people on here maybe have seen that much snow before, but most people haven’t and it’s eye-opening to see it.

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