Housecoat Hillary

To think this woman almost became the 45th president of the United States….


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  1. OMG – Crooked Hillary was a pitiful character in the 2016 campaign. Mostly she stayed out of sight. When she did have enough energy to appear in public she arrived in that black stealth-ambulance with nurses and doctors at her side.
    Today she is still in shock and denial after losing a rigged election. “Putin rigged it” she says after she herself rigged the nomination against Bernie Sanders.
    I can’t believe she seriously wants to get hit by the Trump Train again in 2020.
    My favorite Hillary moment of 2016:

    • I don’t want to pick on her because of apparent illness. I think she is wearing some of these odd outfits because she has medical problems and is trying to hide them. I don’t think she is doing very well.

      That said her personal actions in pursuit of power have been despicable.

      • Curious. And what would “kissing ass in Iran” do or not do? And how is treating them like dirt helping? And finally, in what way is Iran a threat to the US? My take on the these are the first is irrelevant, the second is ignorant, and the 3rd is non-existent.

    • Sorry, Centurion, the Russian people put Putin in his place, and Killary had nothing to do with it nor would she have been able to. As for Iran, they are no threat to us, so what’s the problem? Are we supposed to protect every top 20 country in the world except, maybe, Russia, China, and ourselves? If we researched “defense” as well as we throw money away on offense, it wouldn’t matter what other countries develop, we could protect ours. Hmmm, isn’t that the idea behind a “department of defense?”

  2. It wasn’t even close. Because she passed on campaigning in a few states and they went forTrump simply means they would have gone for Trump anyway. A better candidate would have simply been beaten, not stomped.

    Biden in 2020 would meet the same fate. Their party losers, er…,, leaders all have bad baggage. Their new campaign slogan is “For the People. It’s their 3rd try and it will go the way of the other two. It sounds like “Great Leap Forward” and other leftist slogans in the world. It has no content.
    “Keep America Great Again” will bring down the house like MAGA did.

  3. It happens to us all eventually….hic…wibble wibble….oh look at all those unicorns mother… you hear the voices too?

  4. The Republican should use:


    as their campaign slogan. The idea is to perhaps force the masses to wonder about the difference between “People” and “Individual”.

    The “Individual” is YOU.

    The “People” is the collective.

    In other words, a non-entity, a fictitious entity that does not exists, but gives all power to a small group of extremely wealthy Capitalist Communists, who then control (own) everything….which is what they wanted when they financed Karl Marx to write his idiot book, back when they came together in the late 1800’s.

    Those that support the Democrats, Leftists, Marxist, etc have no clue that they are only handing over EVERYTHING to the Robber Barons they so much oppose. So damn clever.

    But, rest assured, the coming GORE MINIMUM will put an end to this with mass starvation.

    • I wondered the same thing, until I remembered all those who made fun of TRUMP’S hair, small hands, etc. They had no right to do that, did they? To be insulting, childish and unbelievable anti-White Male.

      Seems people always like to insult those they oppose, and make excuses for those they support, and toss out insults when others make funny/sarcastic remarks about their chosen leader.

      Why is that, especially those who attack others…do..the..exact…same…thing, yet fell they are better than their betters. Those kinds of people think they are really “good people”, “tolerant people”, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

      • Darned rights Cent! I say slag them all. They are politicians and deserve a good slagging now and then to keep them from getting too big headed.

        Check out Lee Camp at Redacted Tonight. I disagree with him on the global warming stuff but he makes me laugh and think. I like doing both.

      • “Tolerant people.” It seems to me that a big part of the problem is that our people have been too tolerant for their own good. It allows for too many good times for bad people.

  5. Why would she be wearing something like this in public, unless for some reason she has to wear it? Why would she have to wear it? Illness? It strikes me that there is something very wrong about Hillary’s wearing this…thing when it is not the way she usually dresses.

  6. Don’t you just hate it when people go out in their pajamas? She shows up on TV in her nightgown. Wow!

  7. She should have the following quote on her back. ” I ran for president and all I got was this stupid muumuu.

  8. ohbut ohbut
    her fans tell us her popularitys rising and shes going to run again;-)
    yes she IS pschycopathic enough to think she can win..and her support crews would push it so they can be the power behind the muppet err puppet;-/
    trumps cutting a lot of their access to the freeshit troughs theyve had a run on for far too long. and theyre not happy.

  9. Did the comment say that hillery had a very big bag under her eyes or eyes, either way very apt.

  10. I have seen more attractive hospital gowns! To think that this woman could have been POTUS!!! BTW, what’s the object on her right? It looks like a toilet… just in case?

  11. what the crooked hag wears is an indication of her lack of judgement.

    anyone who could have claimed sex with the crooked hag is dead or so ashamed.

  12. When ever I see that “womyn”, Hilary, I keep hearing her screech: “We need a woman in the White House”…….and I kept saying to anybody who would listen: “WE HAD A WOMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS!!!!”

  13. If she stays out of prison she could be president of Bill Clinton’s kitchen and bedroom and not necessarily in that order.
    If she screws that up she is a lost cause altogether.

  14. She forgot to take off her hospital gown when she escaped the psych ward babbling “me…shoulda…president….they…..stole….conspiracy….me…..mine….mine…..eeeeehhhhhh….nasty woman!………mine…..they….setup…..stole….Russians every where!” Hahaha!

  15. Look closely at the photo. She’s wearing a Life Alert necklace around her neck. Hope the batteries are dead.

  16. I don’t know. That gown looks long enough to reach the floor when she stands up. As she is sitting, I notice that the right foot and ankle are behind the left one, thus out of sight. That right foot, of course, was the one she had the walking boot on for a while. There was those that speculated that the boot hid one of those GPS anklets that some people are forced to wear. The way she is sitting, if there was such an anklet there, you can’t see it. Makes me wonder.

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