Let their houses burn, says warmist Steve Zwick in Forbes

“Let’s start keeping track of them…let’s make them pay.”

Yes, warmist Steve Zwick said this in Forbes magazine!

If “skeptics” said something like this, we’d be thrown in jail as terrorists. This kind of intimidation is inexcusable. What in the hell is Forbes doing, giving coverage to this sort of tripe?

Zwick: “We know who the active denialists are – not the people who buy the lies, mind you, but the people who create the lies. Let’s start keeping track of them now, and when the famines come, let’s make them pay. Let’s let their houses burn. Let’s swap their safe land for submerged islands. Let’s force them to bear the cost of rising food prices. They broke the climate. Why should the rest of us have to pay for it?”

Looks like old-fashioned Soviet purge techniques to me.

With NASA scientists disputing their global-warming mantra, with the Bering Sea setting new records for the most ice in recorded history, with polar bears and penguins thriving, and with Himalayan glaciers growing bigger, global-warming alarmists have apparently decided to become more aggressive against anyone who dares question their twisted beliefs.

Just last month, Professor Kari Norgaard of the University of Oregon called for climate skeptics to be likened to racists and ‘treated’ for having a mental disorder. “Resistance at individual and societal levels must be recognized and treated,” yelled Norgaard.

Norgaard has also urged Obama to act like a dictator, virtually suspend democracy, ignore public sentiment, and enforce climate change mandates by executive fiat.

This is scary! I hope the American public rebels against these sorts of terror tactics.

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Also see:
http://www.climatedepot.com/a/15583/Warmist-Steve-Zwick-in-Forbes-wants-denialists-homes-t o-burn-Lets-make-them-pay-Lets-let-their-houses-burnZwicks-orgs-email-infoecosystemmarketp lacecom

Thanks to Josh Cooley, Robert Fleming and Marc Morano for these links

“The hypocrisy is disgusting,” says Josh. “I think they are in panic mode as their fantasy world crumbles around them.  Thanks for all your hard work speaking the truth. I’ve been reading Ice Age since 2005!”

Steve Zwick is managing editor of the Ecosystem Marketplace.

His email address is:

“Let their houses FREEZE,” answers Dr Mirco Poletto.

“The “tolerance” of the far-left is touching,” says reader Steven Woodcock.




42 thoughts on “Let their houses burn, says warmist Steve Zwick in Forbes”

  1. Mr. Zewick is certainly welcome to try and burn my home. Not sure how much carbon is in a .30cal bullet but I promise I will be releasing as much of it as I can into the enviroment.
    Of course he doesn’t really mean what he says. He is just pandering to his sycophent audience. Just stirring the pot in the hopes of getting a little more face time.

  2. Two can play at this game. I am calling for the arrest and conviction for crimes against humanity of all these eco-freaks when the cold really sets in and millions start dying because no preparations are being made for it. These people should be considered terrorists.

  3. The agw crowd has no empirical evidence to support their theory of global warming. They point to meaningless anecdotes, like polar bears perched on tiny ice floes. They generate computer projections that are almost always wrong, based on dubious initial conditions. They concoct Hockey Stick Frankengraphs of two unrelated data sets, because one data set cannot stand on its own. They have to “hide the decline”. They ignore ice core data which demonstrates that the recent decadal warming is only 1/8 of the Minoan Warming Period. They ignore the 0.28% of the gge caused by man, while nature causes the other 99.72%. They are simply running out of tricks to explain why their theory cannot be proved by a single fact.

    Now, they want to burn down the houses of skeptics. How hysterical or childish can they get? This is indicative of their “consensus science” crumbling in around them.

  4. If and when the ice age becomes obvious any real estate in the glaciation zone will be destroyed by snow and ice. Don’t get too emotionally hung up on a house unless it is south of where the ice sheets form. Don’t get too in love with real estate values either. If you have a place to live be glad of it and try not to antagonize those who are homeless or priced out of the market by bragging about real estate values. No need to give people funny ideas is there? Now about the environmentalists I recon they will be getting rather desparate to punish their critics and will need a nice warm straight jacket, a padded cell and some pharmaceuticals like thorazine to keep them from destroying private property. After all they are proud of their alleged intellectual superiority and education and can’t bear to be proven wrong. Expect more than a few of them to go right off the deep end when they get bitch slapped by the real world.

  5. The intensity of an emotion is is determined by its real cause. The real cause of so much aggression is the downfall of their own personality, their own growing doubt about the global warming they always believed in. Now they realise that their global warming belief, an important part of their personality, is cracking down, they project the downfall of themselves to the outside world. So they want to see the “deniers” or climate realists as a threat, in order to keep their own falling belief in global warming upright. This is called the hypothesis of Schipkowensky. In other words: if climate realists were really the “flat earthers” as Al Gore once called them, they would be quite harmless, they could be laughed about, but there would be no reason to be so aggressive against them. Even Al Gore himself was furious lately about the climate realists, the people he once ridiculed and laughed about. But now he realises that global warming is falling apart and that soon he will be considered the greatest fraud of the century and that global warming will be seen as the greatest Ponzi of the century. And the new Little Ice Age is already starting in 2014, als Abdussamatov predicted. So their time is running out.

    • “… their own growing doubt about the global warming they always believed in… “.
      This is a great part of the whole problem, isn’t it? As you said, their “personality” should not be a part of their supposed scientific claims. In true science, if a theory is better than another you just replace the old, inadequate one, by the better one. There is no room for personality claims. But, GW has long ago stopped being about science. It’s pure politics and personality now.

  6. I just read Zwicks message and the warmers are definitely fit for the rubber room and that is if they don’t get themselves killed first for making trouble.
    It is one thing for the warmers to put forth a theory based on imperfect data. It is quite another to conspire to commit crimes against persons and property because of belief in what is just a theory that has not been proven to be a law. By the way I am being generous in calling AGW a theory when it might be more accurate to call it a hypothesis.

  7. The “ICE AGE” has already started, bout a decade ago. At less than a meter per year it be a while before you see ice sheets/cliffs and unless you are in a transition zone there will be little to notice beyond daily variables!
    The big changes will be how long the summer is (growing weeks)

    • I believe your statement has some 80% chance of being true, and this probability has been continuously increasing in my mind since 2008.

    • Karl I agree it will take time before one sees new continental ice sheets. Right now I am looking for an increase in alpine snow fall and glaciation and it looks like that has started to some degree.

    • Karl, where is your impirical proof of an ice age already started??? 2012 is the year without a winter as far as I am concerned in the US. According to the kilowatt usage reports I have been going over we are already using as much power now as we typically use in late May and early June due to unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the winter and spring. Tornadic activity is off the charts due to such a difference in temperatures in the north and the prevailing warm soggy temperatures in the south. Last summer in Texas was one of the hottest summers in recorded history and this summer is shaping up to be more of the same. Sorry, there is no new ice age…

  8. It’s a symptom of the radical segments of the Boomers (US) / 1968ers (Europe) entering elderhood. Entering it kicking and screaming the whole way, ever the high chair tyrants.

  9. I personally want to thank Mr. Zwick for his statements. I say let these loons talk as much as they want. The more they make such outrageous statements the faster they will turn off the vast majority of thinking people. Its the beginning of the end for the AGW crowd and talk like this will just speed up the process. I personally would give Mr. Zwick all the air time he wants.

  10. They’re loosing their minds completely.
    They’re not able anymore to distinguish reality from their fanatic fantasies.
    We’re living what is probably the saddest moment in science since the medieval Inquisition of the XVI and XVII centuries.
    It’s disgusting… and sad.

  11. Zwick is losing it because AGW is losing with the public. His own house is going up in flames, and there is nothing he can do. Screaming louder and ranting extremist garble is usually a sign that the point is weak, and weak it is indeed.

  12. “What in the hell is Forbes doing, giving coverage to this sort of tripe?”

    I`d say doing the right thing . Apart from the freedom of speech concept which I endorse regardless of whether I agree with what someone says or not ,by giving coverage to said tripe , Forbes actually does the sceptical side of the argument a service because the rest of the world can see how batshit crazy some of the CAGW cultists are .

    I would go as far to suggest that maybe , just maybe , some of the MSM are finally starting to become vaguely aware that something is rotten in the state of CAGWism and as a result , are no longer deodorising the “message” for public consumption .

  13. At the Forbes article, an accomplice of Zwick, “Bluecloud,” inflamed things further by saying that skeptics are mainly “old white men” that will die soon. My reply:

    Where does the old and gray and bald Steve Zwick fit in? Bluecloud, you are an unabashed racist that should be ashamed. What absolute baloney you spew.

    Bluecloud, and Zwick, one day your day will come, and your cover will be gone. You and Zwick suggest mob or criminal action against “deniers,” this in the face of a coming conservative avalanche politically, and your trumped up agw nonsense will be seen more and more for what is: outright malarkey born of ideologically driven deception. The tables will turn on those of you that now try to foment violence against us!

  14. childish foot stamping tantrums from climate pschycopaths:-)

    the messiah complex at its ugliest!

    Aus has the “i can change your mind about climate” movie saga due this week.
    ABC national today Science show sat at Aus time 12midday, has the PRO warmist view..when introduced to Mark Morano their representative refused to talk or debate in any way!!
    because she stated mark M told lies:-)and wasnt a real climate scientist..
    uh huh, so greenpeace founder admitting they lied to ramp up donations and action is ok?
    10.10 film clip is just dandy?
    and fools like Zwick/Gore?strong?suzuki are all noble saviour of the world…suuuure, for a shitload of cash and social kudos they wanna be.

  15. And after it gets really cold and the snow stops melting from the ohio River to Canada and the ice in the Arctic seas is there through the summer, the crops fail because spring fails, store shelves once stuffed with food are barren, people fight in the streets for food, people dying from starvation and exposure, guess who’s house I’m gonna burn down…

  16. Open Letter to Mr Steve Zwick.

    Dear Sir,
    I read your essay with considerable interest. However, it seems to me to be rather one-sided.
    On the basis of quid pro quo and so forth, how about (by way of suggestion only) we even things up a bit.
    How about we start by setting a time-scale: say up to 2020. This gives you another 8 years for the catastrophic predictions you seem to be so fond of to be verified. If these occur, you win.
    The return bet though is that every research cent which has ever been spent on published catastrophic modelling, where the model has proven to be invalid/inadequate/misleading is to be repaid. Every single cent of it. Which means you lose the bet.
    And to make things a little more interesting, how about (in poker terminology) a raise – interest on those research £/$/A$/Can$ etc from the date the funding was allocated to the end date for the bet. You can fund that part, that’s your stake. It’s good to keep an interest – and you seem very sure of your ground, so how could you refuse?
    Let me state unequivocally that as I am a salaried employee in a financial services company which has no involvement in any aspect of “Big Oil” etc, and am in receipt of precisely Zero “Big Whatever” funds, I am (was) an entirely detached observer. I have read a considerable amount on both sides of the debate – I have a chemistry degree, and therefore have been thoroughly trained in the scientific method.
    Until such time as any of the teams developing these wonderfully complex climate “models” are able to demonstrate:
    a) the model runs on data – unadjusted, untampered, and most of all published
    b) the modelling programs’ code is published and subjected to INDEPENDENT validation
    the alarming conclusions must be treated with a pinch of salt.
    There is so much contradictory information, that simply insulting everybody who raises the finger of innocent enquiry utterly destroys both your integrity and your reputation.
    As a further and completely radical suggestion, how about a full, open and honest debate – or would this worry you too much?
    Adam N

  17. As I have been saying, when the cold really sets in and millions start dying, Zwick, Hansen, Gore, and all the rest of the scammers need to be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. I’m dead serious about this. It would also clean up the last remnants of the Marxist garbage we have in our government too.

  18. Well, the communist thing that the totalitarians tried out didn’t work, so now they are trying AGW in order to control us. They should remember what Galileo supposedly said after being forced to recant that the Earth moved around the Sun: “E pur si muove.” And yet it moves. All the learned men of his days knew the Sun, not the Earth moved, just as Zwick, et.al., know that human produced CO2 is warming the Earth. And another quote comes to mind: “Mistrust those in whom the urge to punish is strong.” Friedrich Nietzche. That would seem to be Mr. Zwick, among others.

    • The problem is not so much the urge to punish as much as the wrong kind of people having the urge to punish the innocent or those using violence to obtain justice instead of the real trouble makers, criminals and perverts who deserve punishment.

  19. looks like warmist Steve Zwick just managed
    to add his name to the list

    of people who will be part of the soon starting mass arests of cabal

    if will notify fuflord benjamin on his name personaly


  20. Email sent to Zwick with subject: Let Them Burn: I am glad you took this position. I am one those people who believes we aren’t warming . I believe we are in the cool down period now and the climate will emulate that of the Little Ice Age. Probably, you are not well versed in natural history, so let give you a heads up. You can expect droughts, hot summers, cold winters and growing glaciers – think – 1930’s, very cold and droughts as in the Great Dust Bowl. You and others who have proposed this solution I applaud! You see, if I am right, the above will happen soon and people will be angry. Your names are all on file in many locations with your threats and pontifications. I will suffer the consequence if I am wrong, and you will suffer the consequences if you are wrong. Oh, the cooling will start at the higher altitudes and work down which means the glaciers will be growing and the mountain areas will receive lots of snow, which will drive the droughts. Of course, you are aware that the Himalaya’s glaciers are not melting, and have in fact grown.

  21. Argiris Diamantis, you’ve hit the nail on the head with this: “The intensity of an emotion is determined by its real cause. The real cause of so much aggression is the downfall of their own personality, their own growing doubt about the global warming they always believed in.”

    I sent someone I know an article from this site which was anti-AGW, with many facts and figures. I thought this person would at least look at the data. Instead, the response was so aggressively pro AGW (including much profanity) that I was quite rocked by it. It was obvious that he hadn’t bothered to look at the data.

    ‘The hypothesis of Schiplowensky’. Mmmmm. I learn something new every day. Thank you – and thanks Robert

  22. Renewables are unsustainable

    Renewable” energy subsidies may sustain the jobs of lobbyists, activists, politicians, bureaucrats and politically connected companies. But they will kill millions of other people’s jobs.


    Fortunately there will be more jobs in construction because of all the burnt houses.

  23. Just remember that their agenda isn’t facts and science, it is fear mongering and depopulation. This type of article fits their program perfectly because most people don’t read, they skim, and facts only get in the way of skimming. You have to stop and think when you see facts. This is why their papers say nothing about facts, just fear mongering. That’s also why sending factual information to climate deniers – also known as warmist leaning – only raises their anger – facts require thinking, and in our texting happy, sex driven world, thinking takes time away from self pleasure.

  24. The reason you aquire guns and buy a box of shells every payday.
    Self defense is a basic human right and anyone who puts a torch to your house or attempts to relocate you by force is fair game!

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