How can farmers plant?

Look at this video of Eastern Nebraska flooding!

Thanks to Adoni for this video

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  1. I was thinking the same thing. The flooding wiped out vast amounts of livestock (cattle, pork, poultry) along with millions of bushels of corn, wheat and other crops. And there will be a LONG delay in planting this year, if not for years to come. Combined with the losses on the west coast Ag industry, we’re not looking so good. And with spring weather predictions calling for more flooding, we’re in a bad spot.
    In retrospect, all of the now waterborne liquid chemicals and pathogens from rotting carrion, health conditions need to be looked into also. This will end up in the next wave of crops and cattle too.

  2. Sad, Sad, Sad…And although the WA D.C. stuff is important, I don’t think the asphalt and concrete jungle types understand what is happening here. This is only the start. This amount of run off is only going to increase as it flows south and east. By May it should be in New Orleans.
    I am suggesting that if you have spare cash left over from your IRS donations, to fill your freezer and pantry…by this coming fall there will be sticker shock

  3. Great and disturbing video showing how powerlesshuman beings are when nature flexes its muscles.

    That video was two weeks ago: is everything still under water or has drainage started to occur?

    Very difficult to judge how long life will remain stalled from just one video.

  4. I am sorry to say this, but this kind of event will repeat its self over the next 30 years. Stuck jet streams bringing storm systems one after the other particulary during winter where the snow fall stays in frozen meters of Ice.

    The jet stream storm track follows the Ice extent margin of the NA Ice sheet during the last glaciation event.

    This GSM has SC25 to get though, followed by a recovery cycle 26, and then a Tepid Gleissberg cycle of 70 years. The Warm Period will start split by a cycle similar to SC20 and finish with the next GSM in 2188.

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