How close did the Met Office call it?

On Saturday morning, the Met Office forecast that an Arctic blast would hit a large swath of the UK this weekend, bringing strong winds, snow and ice.It issued five weather warnings, saying there was a chance of power cuts and travel disruption.

Sunday will feel noticeably colder than Saturday, said forecaster Luke Miall. “We will see quite a blast of strong, northerly winds coming down from the Arctic,” said Miall. “It’s going to be very windy but it’s also going to turn much colder.

“That northerly wind is just going to cut straight through, so its real temperature on the thermometer will probably say 4-7C, but when you add on the wind it’s going to feel sub-zero.”

Snow was expected to begin on Saturday evening in northern Scotland, with higher ground accumulating up to 10-15cm (4-6in) and possible blizzards.

So, readers in the UK. How close did the Met Office call it?

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10 thoughts on “How close did the Met Office call it?”

  1. Given that the UK Met is very good within a three day window the forecast for wind, Northerly Hill snow and ice at lower English shire levels was reasonable. They are less good at 10 day or worse at Monthly, and bloody useless at AGW 50 year forecasts.
    Trees were brought down, Electric wire transport affected with wire damage, very normal for a winter storm blocked in the North Sea generating a northerly compression, between a High Presure ridge and the Low itself.

    This is normal for a Solar Minimum period, with meridional Jet Streams, blocking Weather systems normally a High and is in sequence with the usual one or two harsh winters every 10 to 11 years as the cycle declines to its low point, before the start of the next.
    Low levels Of UV & EUV plays a massive role in how our climate is moderated, as that section of the energy spectrum of our Sun emissions, control how our Jetstream’s develop in the atmosphere.

  2. The Met Office did not issue a snow warning for North Wales and we did not get any snow , except on Snowdon.

  3. Here on the Welsh Marches we`ve had a bit of rain , a bit of sunshine and it`s a bit cold ! We`ve really not had much this Winter – not even a decent frost !!

  4. In 40-year context from 1978, deviant Warmists have presented nothing but a spectrum of egregiously false premises –corrupt data-sets, grotesquely circular logic, ridiculously invalid statistical exercises– attributable to knowing, willful fraud motivated by an extreme-radical, partisan-political objective (“One World Order”).

    In essence, since global dirigistes can offer nothing positive, their goal is to sacrifice helpless plebs’ well-being on the High Altar of despotic ruination: Flat-lining global peace-and-prosperity, these intellectual, moral, spiritual runts stand tall.

  5. Oh for heaven’s sake! The Met Office is getting as bad as the Daily Express on weather forecasts! Yes, here in the south of England it is a bit breezy and a bit chilly but still 7C, no ice, no snow, not even any Jack Frost. I shall believe it when I see it.

  6. It was windy yesterday and it there was quite a windchill. A lot of rain showers and a brief hailstorm. No snow in my SE corner. Wet and windy on Saturday afternoon as well.

  7. No snow at the week-end here in Inverness UK,however,a -2 degree start to today,Monday,and 2 small snow showers this afternoon.Snowing now again this evening,and lying,with a temp of 0 degrees. Just normal winter snow and normal winter cold!

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