How dare You?—That’s the Question Now

“Never mind that all Gretels and Hansels would quickly freeze to death without heat, even in the witch’s gingerbread abode; how dare you?”
– Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

How dare You?—That’s the Question Now

Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

It’s all about “inflections” these days. Whether xeno-robots, weather, or climate, the “inflections”, also described as “tipping points” are all the rage.

Not always described in such terms, the idea pervades the apparent need for increasing use of superlatives, novel terms, and other exuberant descriptions.

In short, anything out of the ordinary – even just slightly – must now be described as entirely new and, preferably, by novel terms.

Of course, as you’ll know, nothing is normal anymore, hasn’t been ever since the news about “global warming” and “climate change” became the rallying cry of the likes of James Hansen and Greta Thunberg.

Never mind that you need a steady 24/7 supply of electric power to charge your cell phone when needed; how dare you?

Never mind that all Gretels and Hansels would quickly freeze to death without heat, even in the witch’s gingerbread abode; how dare you?

Never mind the fact that not everyone lives in tropical climes and hasn’t seen an ice-covered lake; how dare you?

Never mind that the ice mass on Greenland is larger than in decades; how dare you?

Never mind that Arctic sea-ice is just fine, see, for example  Arctic Ice Thickness Chart; how dare you?

Never mind that none of the other played-up characters, like Luisa (Germany’s “cousin” of Greta) and their friends in well-connected echelons are living the style of the hoi-polloi; how dare you?

Never mind that the Antarctic sea-ice is just fine, see the graph nearby; how dare you?

Antarctic sea-ice, waxing and waning with the seasons; source: NOAA .


Dr Klaus L E KaiserDr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is a professional scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has worked as a research scientist and project chief at Environment Canada‘s Canada Centre for Inland Waters for over 30 years and is currently Director of Research at TerraBase Inc. He is author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and agency reports, books, computer programs, trade magazines, and newspaper articles.

Dr. Kaiser has been president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research, a peer reviewer of numerous scientific papers for several journals, Editor-in-Chief of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly a decade, and an adjunct professor. He has contributed to a variety of scientific projects and reports and has made many presentations at national and international conferences.

Dr. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at:

26 thoughts on “How dare You?—That’s the Question Now”

  1. How Dare You Greta and all the UN charlatans using emotional nonsensical lies as propaganda in an attempt to justify their incompetent and inhumane stupidity.

    How dare you talk utter bullshit whilst the real child victims who are ignored by the puerile chattering classes would just love to have a lifestyle even 1/10th as affluent as the hypocritical half educated Swedish school drop out.

    Sweden is ranked 21 of the world’s wealthiest countries so how dare you even attempt to compare your privileged life with the lifestyles of almost all African children you privileged heartless pawn !

    Here’s a few facts that these charlatans and the privileged liars in the UN simply ignore in their relentless stupid campaign to control the world’s weather by insisting 400 molecules of an inert gas in ONE MILLION molecules of ordinary air has any meaningful effect other than as essential plant food !

    “At any given time in 2016, an estimated 40.3 million people are in modern slavery, including 24.9 million in forced labour and 15.4 million in forced marriage.
    It means there are 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world.
    1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children.
    Out of the 24.9 million people trapped in forced labour, 16 million people are exploited in the private sector such as domestic work, construction or agriculture; 4.8 million persons in forced sexual exploitation, and 4 million persons in forced labour imposed by state authorities.
    Women and girls are disproportionately affected by forced labour, accounting for 99% of victims in the commercial sex industry, and 58% in other sectors.”

    Note these figures may not include all of the children who are required by economic circumstances to work in dangerous mining ventures etc because they are smaller and can fit into tunnels more easily simply because their working role might not be called slavery.

    What I don’t understand is how come the world didn’t totally react with outrage at such a callous, indifferent staged performance by a privileged ill-educated school drop out whilst perhaps millions of girls her age are routinely raped as sex slaves !

    HOW DARE YOU !!!!

  2. Herr Klaus,

    There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see. Leonardo da Vinci

    There is nothing new under sun.

    TPTB always use clown-world tactics and agitprop before the major culls and the folks who use humour with facts to point out the obvious often end up like the Bims and Boms of history.

    Peter Hitchens from the 06:00 min mark… “in between the crisis and the catastophy you may as as well have a glass of champagne”

    Cheers from a way different Robert – Winston Smith

  3. Klaus, here is an exerpt that I cut from an earlier post that kind of segues with your Grumpy Grinch, Gretels and Hansels Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids…HOW DARE YOU theme…

    ….and please [Mr] don’t reply “HOW DARE YOU” like a Kathleen Turner [Mr] might. (Kathleen Singing)

    The Grumpy Grinch Prince’s future ain’t pretty or were you looking at the “woman” in the red dress?

    Cheers from a way different Robert RWB – Winston Smith

    • Klaus, here is an exerpt that I cut from an earlier post that kind of segues with your Grumpy Grinch, Gretels and Hansels Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids…HOW DARE YOU theme…

      ….and Little Red Riding Hood said, “Please [Mr] Wolf don’t reply “HOW DARE YOU” like a Kathleen Turner [Mr] might. (Kathleen Singing)

      The Grumpy Grinch Prince’s future ain’t pretty or were you looking at the “woman” in the red dress?

      Cheers from a way different Robert – Winston Smith

  4. Being a rather daring person myself. I would like to ask you Robert, a personal question. I just read a reference in a book, about “The Most Earth-shattering News the world has ever known” ( C. Sagan ), werein is mentioned a Rim Stanley and his “unbelievable son Robert”. I have my own personal reason for asking, Is Rim your father’s name?
    Joseph Fletcher

  5. The climate charlatans think they will get heat. Just like socialist who think they will get the free stuff.

  6. Trust me- I am fully capable of speaking for myself.

    But I have to beware the great Censor in the Sky, unlike certain unnamed (no libel there) lunatics who are allowed to babble at length on these pages.

    However, I am training Lassie to track the deranged and drag them back to whatever institution from which they have escaped.

    • Deb/Clarise Starling Darling [Mr?] you frisky little Sassy Lassie, my favorite kind, unless you sound like Kathleen Turner [Mr], (it’s really Glenn Close [Mr] though who gives me the heebie jeebie willies…whoooh hoo hoo hoo – boiling your bunnies – and that man face who’s head looks like it fell into the cheese dip back in 1957 – yikes) and my other super fan Jean S. just below (not really sure about which pronouns he/she prefers) with a Master’s in geography (specializing in natural hazards) from the Dept of Geology & Geography (now renamed Dept of Geosciences) from the University of Massachusetts -Amherst in 1985 – she sounds like quite a catch (still laughin’ about that one RWF;). Both you girls got me surrounded in here, feels like an ambush or a set-up… how fortunate. Quick Dick and I think we might like to have both of you over for supper some time. Real women are the best but that’s not too PC nowadays… hell, they’re all tasty if they’re done right! So you think I’m babbling, eh? …. well Sassy, why do I get the feeling that you didn’t listen to Kathleen singing from my comment above or do you think I made up that video just to trigger you? …or were you too “HOW DARE YOU” level offended and we really are in a Poe’s Law super surreality of a real live (((They Live))) situation here? This issue is important business… what kinda [Mr/s] do you want running the planet as we enter into this next GSM (Kathleen, or the Grumpy Grinch Prince who wants your cash and CO2, or the Quick Dick McDick’s growin’ food and cap’n ‘canos?)… or do you think just the pretty tall [Mr]s, “girls’ and vegans can handle the logistics all by themselves? This is serious business, us clowns lives are on the front lines here. … but the angier the femminists get, especially online, the easier it gets to be able to point out the obvious and create awareness.

      Sassy Sweetie,, if you’re a Flat Earther you might like some of the links on this site below.

      …but there are a lot of other old classics too including the very last one at the bottom done years ago by my old neighbor James Corbett, well we’re from the same town anyway, and he’s a hoot in any discussion, he obviously gets lot of cosmic rays. James put out a vid just now on things “going viral” … now wouldn’t that be funny and coincidental. Could make you famous.
      Some might agree that there are way too many way different Roberts and opinions of geology/geophysics nuts from Canada on this site, but Bob’s the sysop and he decides which crazies gets censored – maybe try not being so angry and controversial (like Lucy on Charlie Brown) or the Grumpy Grinch about everything and get some cosmic rays, they might be just what what you need;).
      Cheers from a way different Robert – Winston Smith – not Hannibal Lecter, probably more like a Randle McMurphy, silly rabbit.

  7. I have an addition to add to “Never mind the fact that not everyone lives in tropical climes ”

    “Never mind the fact that the majority of illegal ‘migrants’ coming into the USA from our southern border are coming from tropical climes… (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, etc.) and that the vast percentage of horrible infectious diseases originated in the tropical climes of Africa (Ebola, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, Lassa & a wholes slew of other deadly hemorrhagic fevers) … because life is so great in those places we all should want to move there.

    • But for the fairness of Communism those central American states would be ideal for the Green version of stone age paradise, where human’s can live without energy, in touch with nature and live miserable short lives.

  8. Klaus-
    I’m old enough to remember that “drama” on TV from non-actors began with “Let’s Make A Deal” and Jerry Springer.
    It’s been going downhill ever since.

    • Deb, nooo not Jerry Springer… you definitely brought him up on purpose just to trigger me. Looks like there really is nothing new under the sun… or on any channel or movie screen, every A-lister, Victoria Secret’s model, Drumf’s Miss Universe Beauty Queens…definitely nobody on TV fer sure, like in the TV station in “the” movie… These MSM puppets run nothing, zero, it’s a great show and also for eugenics purposes. Brave New World, hense the MSM and the drag Queen Story hours, teaching the children to play the BNW “Hunt the Zipper” and in schools, parades, shopping malls (tons) world-wide for sure. I know we sent down a real Canadian cutie with the “tackle”: from up here so it’s pretty much everywhere – it’s the globalist agenda – (no glamorous real women are/were female) too big to stop but knowing reality helps to be able to “Avoid the poisons, avoid the traps (both kinds)” that’s sort of my personal “It’s a cycle” quote that I tell folks but most can’t see hear… you know.. anyway that Cover Girl Fake-up and the “really big industry” really can do wonders – but you likely know that already.
      So for kicks just imagine if things start not going too good at Drumf’s propaganda impeachment clown-show trial, and Trudeau gets the call from Nancy to deploy Quick Dick McDick and me to pop on down there, parachuting in with those really big Canadian flags hanging down for a “shock’n awe hearts and minds grand entrance’ right into the middle of the main clown-show event as totally neutral impartial “fair and balanced” adjudicator clowns, like old Lord Christopher Monckton did in Australia few years back. Like a couple of Canuck “Bob and Doug Mckenzie” arbitration type clowns assigned male at birth (AMAB’s), hell we got our own multi letter abbreviation now so we’ll have something in-common with all the other multi-letter clown folks in D.C. to try to help the Nancy and AOC sort everything out show comedy clown trial – be like having a four man multinational clown team all working together but it would just look like everything was “gender balanced” egalitarian and all that PC stuff.

      Oh, and Deb, just one more thing, [like Peter Falk would say]… if you’re old enough to actually say that, “you’re old enough”, it makes me kind of imagine you sounding and looking like a mature demure Kathleen Turner[Mr] with that deep sultry voice in combination with May West’s [Mr] super frisky attitude;) It’s all kinda like being in a “Twighlight zone”/”They Live” movie that started way way way back before our great great great grandfathers were around where it’s just before everything starts to go really pear shaped in combo with this next GSM eugenics cull. However it all turns out, enjoy it ’cause …It’s Just A Ride, no clowns, no fun, and these clowns, like the Grouchy Grinch clown are caught up in a mind and body altering cult mostly not of their choosing where folks have been messing with their heads and tackle amd hormones often since before birth. Abrahamic religions too, it’s all pretty sick and across the board mind control. Can’t wait for 5G. So these folks pretty much figure they’re the Morlocks and we’re the Eloi (that’s why you have to pay money to be able to watch “The Time Machine” on Youtube but H’G. Wells “Things to Come” is free We’d probably start missin’ em real quick if they all walked off the job at once…but probabaly alot of little kids in the “pizza” wouldn’t – a horrific rabbit hole:
      “Bob and Doug” clip:… (no pizzagate Soylent Green for you)

      A very funny movie you need to buy on DVD because it does too good of a job to allow easy access is: “Brazil” – Alan Watt’s favorite and I really like it too. It’s a “1984′ parody comedy with Dan Aykroyd the insane dentist torturer and Robert Deniro the Plumber/Mechanical “semi-underground” fixit guy. opening scene: (May West) (Kathleen Singing)

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