How exactly do they plan to replace fossil fuels?

“How would they handle a COVID-27 outbreak?” asks Paul Driessen. “How would they manufacture cars, airplanes, wind turbines, toilet paper, pharmaceuticals or much of anything else with intermittent energy? It hasn’t worked in Europe (see below), and it won’t work here.”

“A lot of US cities and states have announced that they intend to banish oil, natural gas and coal within 10, 20 or 30 years,” writes Driessen. “They claim this has worked in Europe, and they want to lead the way, be role models, in ushering in a clean, green, renewable American and world energy future.

“How exactly do they intend to do this? Have they thought this through at all? Do they have a clue about how many millions of wind turbines and billions of solar panels this would take? Have they paid any attention to how this Green New Deal scheme has actually worked out in Europe and other places it’s been tried?”

“The only way this energy and economic transformation will happen is through totalitarian government at the local, state and federal level.”


How exactly do they plan to replace fossil fuels?

They want to ban coal, oil and gas. Exactly how will they replace them? Who wins? Who loses?
Paul Driessen                        

Berkeley, CA, Takoma Park, MD and other cities; California, Connecticut, New York, Virginia and other states; Germany, England and other countries; the European Union – all plan to banish oil, natural gas and coal within 10, 20 or 30 years. A number of US states have joined Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatives and proudly say We Are Still Inthe Paris climate treaty, no matter what President Trump says or does.

Forget the headlines and models, and look at hurricane, tornado, sea level and other historic records. There is no crisis, no unprecedented warming or weather events, certainly nothing that proves humans have replaced the powerful natural forces that have always driven climate changes and weather events.

But for now, let’s just examine their zero-carbon plans. How exactly will they make this happen? Where do they plan to get the turbines, panels and batteries? the raw materials to manufacture them? How do they plan to function as modern societies with pricey, erratic energy and frequent power disruptions?

How would they – or America, if the entire USA goes Green New Deal – handle a COVID-27 outbreak? How would they manufacture cars, airplanes, wind turbines, toilet paper, pharmaceuticals or much of anything else with intermittent energy? It hasn’t worked in Europe (see below), and it won’t work here.

Moreover, it’s not just replacing today’s coal and gas power plant megawatts. It’s doubling today’s electricity generation, because Green New Dealers want to replace all fossil fuel use: gasoline and diesel cars, trucks and buses, home and water heating, factory power, hospital emergency power, and more.

It’s tripling current megawatt generation, because they don’t like nuclear or hydroelectric power either, and they’ll need far more electricity to charge enough batteries to ensure backup power for all the fossil and other power they want to eliminate. That will require a lot of wind turbines, solar panels and batteries.

Where do they plan to put all of them? Some of those states and countries have lots of rural land, wildlife habitats and shallow waters off their coasts that they can turn into huge industrial energy zones. But what are those self-righteous cities going to do? Where within their city limits do they plan to put dozens of 650-foot tall turbines and tens of thousands of panels? Or do they plan to just impose those facilities on their rural neighbors? Or tap into regional power grids and use electricity that someone else is generating – with coal, gas, nuclear, hydro, and maybe wind or solar? How will they separate “good” and “bad” electrons?

All of these GND cities and states will have to deal with frustrated rural families who don’t want the ruined scenery, desecrated ridge lines, dead birds and bats, maddening light flicker and excruciating infrasound that towering turbines would bring. Don’t want millions of rural acres blanketed with solar panels. Don’t want hundreds of miles of new high voltage transmission lines crossing their backyards. Don’t want their lands seized via eminent domain, virtually at the point of a gun if they still resist.

They don’t want the 25-50-100% higher household electricity bills, the soaring price tags for products and services that go with soaring electricity costs for every business, farm, factory and hospital. They don’t want more good manufacturing jobs destroyed by skyrocketing energy prices – and sent overseas.

Do they have the foggiest notion?

Do Green New Deal politicians have the foggiest idea how many turbines, panels, batteries and miles of transmission lines they will need to replace all fossil fuels? How few years those energy systems last before they have to be replaced? Do they have any idea what they’re going to do with the defunct turbine blades and solar panels that can’t be recycled or burned? How many cubic miles of landfills they will need? Will communities want those landfills? Will urban pols just employ more eminent domain?

It would take hundreds of 850-foot-tall 12-MW offshore turbines to supply the green new world electricity demands of a major city – or thousands of 2- or 3-MW onshore turbines. Tens of millions of solar panels. Millions of acres of former crop, scenic and wildlife habitat land would be impacted. They’d need millions of half-ton 85-kWh Tesla battery packs as backup for a week of windless or sunless days.

Where do they intend to get the millions of tons of steel, copper, cobalt, lithium, aluminum, rare earths, carbon-fiberglass-plastic composites, limestone and other raw materials to build all those electricity generation and storage systems, and all the new transmission lines? Will they now support opening more US lands to mining? How do they plan to mine and process the materials without fossil fuels?

If the mining is not to take place here in United States, under our tough laws and regulations – then where exactly will it be done? In China and Russia? or maybe in Africa and South America, where many mines are operated by Chinese and Russian companies that don’t give a tinker’s damn about child labor, slave labor, workplace safety, air and water pollution, toxic and radioactive wastes, mined land reclamation – or the soaring rates of lung, heart, skin and intestinal diseases, osteoporosis, cancers and other maladies.

All these squalid places and horrific stories are far away – out of sight, out of mind. Environmentalists love to say: Think globally; act locally. This would be a good time to start practicing that ethical code.

The more honest politicians promoting a GND future admit it would eliminate a lot of oil, gas, coal, petrochemical, manufacturing and other high-paying jobs. But, they claim, their (pseudo-) renewable energy world would create millions of new jobs. A look behind The Great Oz’s curtain is very revealing.

Coal-fired power plants generate 7,745 megawatt-hours of electricity per mine and power plant worker; natural gas generates 3,812 MWh per oil and gas field and utility worker. That super high efficiency and resultant low-cost electricity sustain millions of jobs in manufacturing and countless other industries.

Killing millions of good jobs

In stark contrast, wind turbines produce a measly 836 MWh for every employee, while solar panels generated an abysmal 98 MWh per worker. Put another way, it takes 79 solar workers to produce the same amount of electricity as one coal worker or two natural gas workers. Not only will this expensive, intermittent, weather-dependent electricity kill millions of good American jobs; the GND wind and solar jobs will mostly be lower-wage positions installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing turbines and panels, and hauling huge dilapidated blades, panels, hulks and concrete foundations to monster landfills.

Quadrupling energy costs

Residential electricity prices are already outrageous in New York (17¢ a kilowatt-hour), California (19¢ per kWh), Connecticut (20¢) and Hawaii (31¢) – versus 9¢ a kWh in Arkansas, Georgia and Oklahoma. Going 50-100% wind and solar would send family rates skyrocketing to German levels: 37¢ per kWh.

At the 8¢ per kWh in 2019, Virginia’s Inova Fairfax Women’s and Children’s Hospital pays about $1.6 million annually for electricity (based on typical hospital costs per square foot). At California’s (15¢ per kWh), or Germany’s business rate (22¢), Inova would have to shell out an extra $1.4-2.8 million a year for electricity. That would mean employee layoffs, higher medical bills, reduced patient care, more deaths.

How is the vaunted transition to wind and solar actually working in Europe and Britain? In 2017, German families and businesses were pummeled by 172,000 localized blackouts. Last year, some 350,000 German families had their electricity cut off because they couldn’t pay their power bills. In Britain, millions of elderly people have to choose between heating and eating decent food; many spend their days in libraries to keep warm; and more than 3,000 die every year because they cannot heat their homes properly, making them more likely to succumb to respiratory, heart, flu or other diseases.

Across Europe, 11 million jobs are “at risk” because of an EU “green deal” that many say is suicidal. Meanwhile, China and India are still building coal and gas power plants, making products for the USA and Europe, creating jobs, building airports, and sending billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

GND politicians have dodged these issues for years – while steering billions of taxpayer dollars to the green activist groups, crony capitalists and industrialist rent seekers that help keep them in office.

Even worse, they and their media allies neatly dodge the most glaring reality. The only way this energy and economic transformation will happen is through totalitarian government at the local, state and federal level: liberal urban voters and politicians against the rest of America. Those are the seeds of resentment, anger, societal division, endless litigation, and violence. We need to head that grim future off at the pass.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy, environment, climate and human rights issues.

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  1. Fiercely anti hydrocarbon governor Cuomo from New York just ostentatiously presented a massive roll out of prison made hand sanitizer with the main, active component being isopropyl alcohol.

    Seems the guv is ignorant of the fact that propene (propylene) is a main component of isopropyl alcohol and is a product that comes from refined oil/gas.

  2. No worries for the 50 millon people left after corona virus there is plenty of power and if not they will use teslas free energy devices lol

  3. For small scale residential use, I can see solar and wind power working just fine due to a low draw rate. HOWEVER, for large scale industrial use, it will never happen. I really don’t think these people understand just how much of a draw an electric arc furnace actually has.

  4. The empty shop shelves as a result of coronavirus panic show a glimpse of how serious the future will be in net zero carbon policies – only the empty shelves won’t be due to panic buying it will occur due to the drastic reductions in goods under the insane net net zero emissions policy.

    There will be greatly reduced food production, storage capabilities, transport, clean water and sewage.

    If Greta and her generation want to blame someone for their supposed stolen childhoods wait till their kids experience almost unprecedented adversity and poverty coming their way due to the insanity of the emergency due to a mere 400 molecules of CO2 in one million molecules of ordinary air and net zero emissions.

    The advocates of such nonsense will be branded by history as the evil doers.

    What we are seeing at the moment due to the loss of the ability to reason and resist panic merchants is only a taste of the potential adversity under the UN’s insane policies.

    Look at the world today and the loss of wealth and stability due to a media driven frenzy of fear and multiply it several thousands of times and you get a glimpse of the future the IPCC and their puppeteer media personalities want to impose on you – thanks “scientists” and Greta etc etc.

    One day the populace will realise what a disaster net zero really means – can’t wait !

    Hope there isn’t a prolonged cooling around the corner.

  5. and adding to that
    they dont even twig that just about ALL their gadgets and furniture and clothing spectacles etc ALL come from petroleum byproducts
    theres ignorant -theres stupid- and then they meet up and go warmist
    and whats worse is they breed.

  6. It works if you add in the biggest part of THEIR equation-reducing the world population to SUSTAINABLE levels, whatever they decide those are. They need just enough serfs to sustain THEIR needs and wants, and no more. A few million people can live well off of wind, solar, and whatever else they feel is green. The rest of the planet can recover from the damage humans have caused, and Utopia will finally be achieved. Your desire to live, have a family, create a future is irrelevant.

  7. These corporate take overs and amalgamation of companies has left needed products not available when these huge companies fail.
    Seen this when huge companies took over many mall stores and failed which closed all these other stores.
    Politicians are still lying to us with this curve business, it will last vastly a lot longer as the experts know that the same amount of people will be effected by this disease. What they are doing is slowing the velocity of transmission so that the healthcare won’t be overrun at once.

  8. The rant is written on the assumption that the society that will survive the “decarbonization” is the society that entered it. This is senseless to pretend that the US, as an example, would be a civilization as we now call it, but would have to be what it was in the 18th century, and would be populated with roughly similar numbers. There would be “pockets” or walled areas that would house the wealthy who would still live in a manner similar to what we now enjoy, but that would be all. And that is what is wanted. “They” know what they are doing, and they aren’t concerned about the 6+ billion people that have to die to support it. Stop pretending that we, or our society matters. It doesn’t. Not to them, at least, nor to the useful idiots until they can’t find toilet paper or whatever it is that has significance to them.

  9. The saddest thing to note is the stupidity of our leaders. It is oil that has cleaned our society. We used to have to walk in horse $#!t to walk across the street. Imagine if we depended on horses to run our society. Our water comes to our homes clean and pure because of the electricity that oil, coal and gas provide. We have the freedom to go where we want when we want from next door to across the country because of oil. The earth is greener than it has ever been in the history of mankind because of a little extra carbon dioxide in the air. The Sahara desert is beginning to turn green.

    Plants need Carbon Dioxide, water and sunlight to grow. If you increase the C02 you can decrease the water. Hot houses, green houses that is, pump in extra C02 to make the plants grow faster and healthier, most green house operators shoot for about 1000ppm C02. Our natural air is only about 400ppm; we aren’t burning enough oil.

    I like economy. I put 12KW in PV panels on the roof. It isn’t enough. Sure when the sun shines it is wonderful but I end up often having to buy more than I can produce in Kentucky just to keep the batteries charged and ready for a blackout.

    Solar and wind are both stupidly inefficient when you consider the fuel that went into their manufacture. In sunny climates perhaps solar makes a little sense at a residential installation. In Florida with 10KW it will take over 10 years to have the savings pay for the system. In Kentucky it will be more like 15 years. I filled up my gas tank today for $1.85 per gallon, in real dollars it was the cheapest I have ever bought gas and I remember $.19 gas. I remember when you could buy a gallon of gas for two dimes. Today two dimes(real silver dimes) are worth about $3.00. You could buy nearly twice as much gas for the same money.

    Because the government provides monetary incentives for solar and wind power there are people wanting to get their hands on the subsidies and that is why there is a push for wind and solar.

    We have the cleanest air and water we have had in centuries. Don’t believe the lies of the anti-Carbon crony capitalists or the politicians who’s pockets they are in.

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