How long before we begin burning witches at the stake to counter ‘climate change’?

Are we reverting to the superstitions of the 16th century, when the populace – and the clergy – blamed humans for climate change, crop failures and famine? I see inklings of such a horrific trend right now.

Bill Nye (I call him “The Psycho Guy”) says he is in favor of trying those who question climate change as criminals and jailing them. Others have called for skeptics to be executed. Now the Catholic church has weighed in.

We like to picture the witch burnings as being perpetrated by mobs of uneducated heathens carrying pitchforks and torches in the middle of the night. But that’s not the case at all.

The witch trials were completely legal and were administered by highly educated upper-level social strata, says Dr. Sallie Baliunas, Staff Astrophysicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. (See video below.)

That “highly educated upper-level social strata,” I might point out, included the Catholic church. The Dominicans, a Catholic religious order, were the most zealous prosecutors of persons accused of witchcraft in the years leading up to the Reformation. (Ever heard of the inquistion?) The judges for the witch trials were often, if not usually, part of the clergy.

Now I see the Catholic church reverting to those same sorts of unfounded superstitions, again blaming humans for climate change, crop failures and famine.

Just last week, Pope Francis called for carbon penalties and “a radical energy transition” to avert climate “catastrophe.”

Ignoring the disastrous consequences of destroying the world’s economies and driving us back to the lifestyles of the 1500s, and seemingly “taking a page from AOC’s Green New Deal, Francis expressed his conviction that switching from fossil fuels to a low-carbon society can generate new employment opportunities, reduce inequality, and increase the quality of life for those affected by climate change.”

How do you “increase the quality of life” by destroying the quality of life?

When will we ever learn? Humans do not control the climate. The climate controls us.

Only seven minutes long, this eye-opening video (above) features Dr. Baliunas as she describes the 16th century pervasive belief in magic, sorcery, witchcraft and superstition.

The Little Ice Age lasted about 500 years, but the most severe period during the Little Ice Age occurred in Europe between 1550 and 1700, says Dr Baliunas. That was also probably the harshest period of weather in the last 1,000 years, if not longer.

The severe conditions in climate brought about crop failure, starvation, disease, death and social unrest.

Because people “knew” that with Satan’s help one could “cook the weather,” the extreme weather and harsh conditions during that period contributed to mass executions and Witch Trials.

Skeptics were considered sorcerers or witches and were tortured until they confessed. Then they were executed.

It is now estimated that some 50,000 executions took place across Europe.

Let’s not go down this evil and gory road again.



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  1. Churches, including the Catholic Church, should stick to how to get to the next world , not how this world works. In 1830 Pope Gregory banned railroads from the Papal States, calling them instruments of the devil.

  2. Oregon Senate Republicans leave the state to avoid climate bill vote

    Oregon Republican senators have left the Capitol and scattered in various directions outside the state in order to avoid being rounded up by troopers for a high-profile climate bill vote scheduled today.

    “Protesting cap-and-trade by walking out today represents our constituency and exactly how we should be doing our job,” Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr., of Grants Pass, said in a written statement Thursday morning. “We have endured threats of arrest, fines, and pulling community project funds from the governor, Senate president and majority leader. We will not stand by and be bullied by the majority party any longer.”

  3. Rumour has it if enough true believers sacrifice themselves in a volcano not only will the climate crisis be solved but we will no longer have to hear from them too.

  4. Global Cooling/Warming/CAGW/Climate Change have all the hallmarks of a very dangerous religious cult – unquestioning belief in the prevailing buzzword, prophets of doom who enrich themselves through their prophesies, continual prophesies of doom, continually changing the dates of their prophetic doom, all prophesies shown to be wrong, intolerance of alternative views, persecution of nay sayers.

    Our children (and the current group of nay sayers) will wonder why we wasted Trillions of dollars to achieve precisely nothing but the waste of Trillions of dollars on building useless “renewable energy schemes” -wind turbines & various solar power energy systems, and lining the pockets of the rent-seekers.

    • If the greens succeed in brainwashing the children, we will likely experience the greatest genocide in the history of the world.

  5. The Psycho Guy.
    Exactly, the guy has become a raving nutcase.
    How else could he earn money, it’s all he’s got.
    Just like so many of the AGW team.

  6. the pope being a warmist isnt so hard to believe, its all faith…because with warming theres no Proof, at least someone called JC did actually exist, though how “special ” he was is open to debate..unless youre a believer in religion then, same as climate change agw watever thers concensus…and NO debate allowed.
    the warmist leaders have a severe case of “emperors new clothes syndrome”
    like the idiot NOT so savant Greta who “sees” co2 apparently, reckon theres a new Joan of Arc wanna be, in her.

  7. Its probably too late….society is infested insecure narssisstic snowflakes geting their supply and power trips from spouting AGW dogma ad worrying about what gender to be and anyone who can still reason and use their faculties will be for a New Cambodia style double capping…here we go…time to become an idiot lol

  8. We may even have to find some virgins to throw in some volcanoes if the weather doesn’t improve soon.

    • Keep on dreaming…Where are you gonna find virgins??? We’re not talking here about child cruelty.

  9. It is too bad the lunatics are running the asylum, but it is entertaining and seems to get more so with each and every day 🙂

    • oly it might seem amusing for the moment but those lunatics may one day hold the torch with the intent of lighting a fire under people like yourself due to you or someone like you telling the truth.
      Letting lunatics run the assylum or a nation is not a good idea even if it is entertaining or PC.

  10. If any of you is a member of the Planetary Society, send them an email to complain about Nye’s outburst. He’s the head of their society, and I don’t think they’ll be very pleased if they start to lose members or potential members because of an idiot like him.

    • Some while ago one physicist, cant remember who, resigned from the american physical society over its stance of (fake) climate change.

  11. Sean–good one! Wish someone could convince them that throwing their LEADERS in would appease the global warming gods.

  12. Bill Nye, the Science Guy…. Instructing our children on Public Television — and giving a bad name to the word “science.”

    I watched part of a televised debate he had with Mark Morano some time back. After Morano had spoken, laying out a blizzard of devastating facts (devastating to the AGW faith-based belief system), I was curious to see what Nye’s rebuttal would be. There are AGW scientists who could at least mount some kind of slightly convincing arguments, by cherry-picking a few facts and unprovable unproven theories.

    But I almost fell out of my chair laughing, in disbelief, when Nye responded by citing the “97% of scientists consensus” and pulled out a copy of the “hockey stick chart,” like his secret weapon, as though the latter had any validity whatsoever in showing a thousand years of perfect climate (no Little Ice Age cooling), before nasty capitalism and CO2 suddenly began heating up the world around 1850. That was it — he had nothing rational or fact-based to offer as his counter-arguments, just two thoroughly debunked and absurd pieces of “evidence” — stuff he may have picked up from watching too much of Sesame Street.

    In view of the way the media lionize this guy, and how my liberal friends think he is a great force for “true science” (the “true gospel”), methinks we are in deep doo-doo, and the auto-da-fe’s are coming soon to a cathedral near you and me….

  13. The problem now is the same as it was during the little ice age. The children are taught to believe – in the case back then, witches can cause bad storms, and now that CO2 can and will burn the planet to a cinder.

    Then these children become the teachers, and pass on their “learnings” to the young as “teachings,” Soon, the majority of society will be “true believers,” and they will succeed in destroying modern civilization. It has taken longer than expected only because we older farts haven’t died out yet.

    What will be fascinating to watch is how these modern, spoiled by “easy life” and non-interacting social life fools will react when they win. For winning will destroy the easy, electronically communal life that they have lived all their lives, and they will be left with 1500s style hand labor. And that is something that they are utterly unprepared for. Mommy and Daddy’s basement won’t exist anymore.

    As for “Frankie the fake,” he undoubtedly will be the last “pope” since he has worked hard at destroying all the principles of the church he supposedly “serves.” Religion, any religion including AGW, requires principles to believe in, and Poop Francis has gutted the Catholic Church’s principles. About the only thing it now stands for is a weekly tithe, since Frankie has dismissed practically all sin as not for him to judge.

  14. Bill Nye the Screwball Guy so anyone who dont agree with you and your Grand Poo Poo Heads should be tried as Thought Crinimals because they dont think the way you want t hem to? Bill Nye you should just pack up and Get Out of a A merica Now Whens your Green Swastika you Egghead Moron

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