How many people have died, really? – Video

Wuhan Funeral Home staffer says, “The amount of bodies we transport and cremate are four to five times as usual.”

This interview was apparently conducted on February 4th, when NTD’s undercover investigator talked with executives from some of Wuhan’s biggest funeral homes.

They’re working 24 hours a day just trying to keep up.

It takes until 15:20 into the video before you finally learn (if true) that the funeral home had cremated 116 bodies the day before. And that is just one of the many funeral homes n Wuhan.

Do any of my readers speak Chinese? If so, perhaps you could tell us if the translation is correct.

It appears that the number of bodies being cremated doesn’t match the government’s figure, by a large margin.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

6 thoughts on “How many people have died, really? – Video”

  1. Do any of my readers speak Chinese? If so, perhaps you could tell us if the translation is correct.

    Herr RWF,

    I just played this clip above for my Chinese/Beijing GF, a MD from UofB Medical, confirms the translation, the 127 number yesterday and the cremation lady said the “f” word more than a few times, she’s tired and overworked and she really doesn’t like gov much. Plus, coincidentally, my GF has a son in Beijing under in-house lockdown for the last few days – not happy either.

    Winston Smith [Mr]

  2. theres a lot more dead that arent going TO funeral homes(I am surprised any are) due to risk of contamination the hospitals are sending direct TO crematoria as funerals etc are alos large gatherings and would be crazy to hold or attend
    a hell of a lotofpeople werent admitted due to inadequate testing methods
    now theyve changed to lung scans the number soared
    a lot sent home will have been single people and I am betting a large amount of dead are going to be found(by smell) if not wellness checks starting soon.
    quarantines still going but at the same time theyve decided to restart factories etc
    cant see how thats going to work
    biz apparently have to be assessed first and theres too few to do it
    meanwhile the govt apparently said wages to be paid rents etc
    Id say a moratorium on rent wages etc would be a better option for public harmony or employers will simply go broke/shut down for good.

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